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Travis Kelce Breaks His Silence on Teammate Harrison Butker’s Controversial Closing Speech

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Travis Kelce has broken his silence about Harrison Butker‘s closing speech. During the last episode of him and his brother Jason KelceOn ‘s podcast “New Heights,” the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end noted that he “disagrees with the majority” of Harrison’s comments.

“I know Harry and I’ve seen him around the building. I call him Harry, I might be the only person that calls him Harry,” Travis explained on the Friday, May 24 episode of his podcast. “That tells you, I mean, I’ve known him for over seven, eight years and respect him as a teammate. He’s treated friends and family that I’ve introduced to him with nothing but respect and kindness, and that’s how he treats everyone.”

The athlete then heard Harrison’s graduation speech at Benedictine College.

“When it comes to his views and what he said in the closing speech, you know, those are his [views]”, Travis said. “I can’t say I agree with most of it – or any of it – other than that he loves his family or his children. I don’t think I should judge him on his views, especially his religious views on how he lives his life.”

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Regarding his childhood, Travis noted that he had “a wonderful upbringing in different social classes, different religions, races and ethnicities in Cleveland Heights – and that’s why I love Cleveland Heights the way it was.” He added that Cleveland Heights “showed [him] from many different areas of life.”

Travis concluded by saying that he “never felt [he] had to judge the people of Cleveland Heights “on the basis of their beliefs.”

Harrison sparked outrage on social media after delivering his graduation speech earlier this month. In the speech, the Chiefs player compared the LGBTQIA+ community’s Pride Month to “mortal sins.” He also told women in the audience that “the majority of [them] are most excited about [their] Marriage and children [they] into this world.”

In addition, Harrison also said that men “set the tone in society, and when that tone is absent, disorder, dysfunction and chaos ensue.”

Apart from Travis, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also responded to his teammate’s comments during a press conference earlier this week.

“I’ve known him for seven years. I judge him by the character he shows every day, and that’s a good person,” Patrick, 28, said on Wednesday, May 22, before adding that he doesn’t have the “same values” as Harrison.

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