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Tori Spelling’s Mother Candy Pays Tribute to Her on Her 51st Birthday

At Tori spellingOn her 51st birthday, her mother has a special wish for the coming year.

On Thursday, the actress and famous daughter of late production icon Aaron Spelling celebrated her birthday – her first since she filed for divorce from her longtime husband Dean McDermott End of March. In honor of the special occasion, her mother presented spelling candy, took to social media with a post for her only daughter.

“Happy birthday, Tori! I wish you a day full of happiness and a year full of joy! ❤️❤️❤️ @torispelling,” Candy captioned a photo of herself with Tori as a child.

It’s the latest sign that the two are mending their notoriously rocky and complicated relationship. “Tori and Candy are in good shape,” a source recently told ET. “Candy just wants Tori to be happy and healthy and to be an involved grandma.”

Just a few days ago, Tori honored her mother on Mother’s Day with a series of souvenir photos posted by them together on her Instagram story over the years. “Thanks for teaching me strength and resilience, Mom {and how to set a real dinner table and how to always spot a fake handbag},” she said Beverly Hills, 90210 Stern captioned one of the pictures. “I love you @candyspelling.”

And in September, the mother of five took to social media Celebrate Candy’s 78th birthday while also making it clear that things were happy between them.

“Happy birthday, mom aka @candyspelling …” she wrote. “I love you. I am grateful to be your daughter. Some of my happiest memories are laughing so hard with you, us being happy, crying uncontrollably, and you doing your LOL gasp… 😂. @randyspelling You know that! They also usually involve tickle fests and food fights (maybe ice cream 🍦🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️). I never take for granted the beautiful life Rand and I raised with Dad. And I am such a resilient and strong person, and I owe you so much for that. There are strong 💪 women at work in our family. I will forward it. Loved and still love watching horror movies in bed with you. Always. Xo.

When she and her brother Randy went to dinner with Candy as in 2022 there will only be three people for the first time in 20 yearsit gave Tori some perspective.

“It’s so important and I feel like life is too short and we forget that,” Spelling said at the time. “I think because life goes on and you say to yourself, ‘I have to make plans with this person, I have to make an effort,’ and then you don’t do it because your life goes on. And it’s important now to really accept that.” Time and I think I’m finally starting to understand that.

As she wrote in her 2009 memoir: TELL STORIES“Mom, we have our ups and downs, but I will always love you.”


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