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Tony Hawk Expresses His Feelings About the Inclusion of Skateboarding in the Olympic Games

Tony Hawk is thrilled that skateboarding has finally been recognized at the Olympic Games – but he is not exactly upset that he cannot take part in the historic event.

Park and street skateboarding will be featured for the second time at the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, and Hawk, 56, exclusively raved to We weekly about the long-awaited moment.

“I’m thrilled that I’m alive to see it become this big and this widely accepted,” said the skateboarding legend, who spoke to Us while promoting her collaboration with Starbucks’ At-Home Cold Coffees. “When I was a kid, skating was anything but cool.”

Hawk explained, “I had to hide my skateboard when I was in high school because I was bullied and harassed just for having it. Now people can choose to skate, they can do it in their free time, they can make a career out of it, they can become an Olympian.”

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Skateboarding made its debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where host country Japan led the medal standings, taking home a total of five medals. Cory Juneau And Jagger Eaton won bronze medals in the men’s park and street competition.

When asked why it took so long for skateboarding to be added to the Olympics, Hawk said it was the result of a slow process.

“The early 2000s saw a pretty good start in terms of more recognition and availability,” he noted. “But in the last five or 10 years, the push for equality has come, particularly with inclusion in the Olympics. That has really accelerated interest.”

Despite his excitement, however, Hawk quickly admitted that he himself is not a big fan of becoming an Olympian.

“Not really, no,” Hawk said. “There have been so many events over the years. When the X-Games came into play, those were our Olympics.”

First held in the summer of 1995, the X Games featured a variety of skateboarding events and helped bring the sport into the mainstream. In his numerous appearances, Hawk won a total of 16 X Games medals.

Tony Hawk reveals his true feelings about skateboarding being included in the Olympic Games
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Although he will not actually be wearing the protective pads at the Olympic Games, Hawk will be on hand in France to look after the athletes who Are compete.

“I’ll be in Paris,” Hawk said. “I’ll be running the course. I’ll be hanging out with all the riders. That’s the best case scenario. I don’t have the pressure of the whole country depending on me to succeed.”

Regarding his mentoring style, Hawk said it really varies from case to case, but he instills an important belief in each one.

“They’re all so different, but I try to give them tips on how to diversify their tricks,” he explained. “At some point in my life, I realized that if I work on a skating routine and take it to the point where it becomes boring, I can do it at any cost and in any situation, no matter how much pressure there is.”

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To prepare for Paris, Hawk has partnered with Starbucks on their line of cold brew coffees to brew at home.

Tony Hawk reveals his true feelings about skateboarding being included in the Olympic Games
Aaron Smith

“You’re used to seeing stunts from me where there’s a warning: Don’t try this at home,” Hawk said. “With the new Starbucks iced coffees, we’re encouraging people to try it at home.”

He continued, “60 percent of people buy their iced coffee at the coffee shop because they think they can’t make it as well at home. This is your chance to actually make it at home.”

Click here for more information about Starbucks iced coffee blends and cold brew concentrates.

The 2024 Summer Olympics will begin with the opening ceremony on July 26, and the skateboarding competitions will start on July 27.

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