This Smart Air Purifier Has Effectively Replaced Allergy Medication for Me and is Currently $120 Cheaper

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What is the problem?

Amazon has that Coway Airmega IconS reduced by $125, making the $575 price much more affordable.

Why this offer is recommended by ZDNET

Air purifiers are often used to relieve allergy and asthma symptoms, but they can also improve your everyday life, even if you have a stable immune system. On the West Coast, for example, many people are turning to their air purifiers to deal with deteriorating air quality caused by wildfire smoke, while many schools and medical offices have begun using them during the pandemic.

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I tested this at home Coway Airmega IconS<!–> Air purifier that effectively eliminates kitchen odors while cooking and eliminates pet hair in the puppy room (aka my office).

The machine was designed with style in mind; It is a neutral-toned mid-century piece of furniture that stands just over 21 inches tall and is upholstered in beige fabric. It is a powerful air purifier to say the least, but you should buy it for all the additional benefits it brings.

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What sets the Airmega IconS apart

A unique feature that the Coway brings alongside its air purification ability is its smart home functionality. As a smart device, the Airmega IconS connects to WiFi to allow you app control via a smartphone. This feature has slowly but surely made the air purifier an integral part of my smart connected home.

With a few taps and swipes, I can control different settings and modes of the air purifier without having to be in the same room. And the air purifier alone also functions as a wireless Qi charger, with the pad integrated on the top, making the Airmega IconS the perfect bedside companion or hub in the living room.

Can your air purifier charge AirPods?

Maria Diaz/ZDNET

After testing it in different rooms, I found Airmega IconS to be most useful in my bedroom. I can control it from my phone using the IoCare app, where I can also set schedules and timers, as well as view current and historical air quality in the room. Then all I have to do is charge my iPhone or AirPods at night and fall asleep.

Now, is this the fastest wireless charger available? Definitely not, but it’s a great addition to a normally clunky household appliance and I don’t take its convenience for granted.

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The device is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. I’ve set up voice routines like “lights out” to turn off any outside lights at night and any smart devices we may have forgotten, and the air purifier hasn’t let me down yet.

Finally, the top of the Airmega IconS features a wooden surface that, when tapped, displays easy-to-view information such as current air quality. It’s a small detail that makes the air purifier seem more modern than any others I’ve used.

<!–> The touch display of the Airmega IconS

The touch display of the Airmega IconS.

Maria Diaz/ZDNET

Does it clean your air effectively?

The Airmega IconS is a three-stage air purifier: a washable pre-filter that captures larger particles such as pet hair and dust, a true HEPA H13 to capture ultra-fine particles such as viruses, bacteria and pollen, and an activated carbon filter to neutralize odors from cigarettes, food and pets or common household chemicals and VOCs.

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This air purifier can cover an interior space of up to 60 square feet with two air changes per hour, and the included filter lasts up to a year, according to Coway.

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As a long-time allergy sufferer, I have always used some form of allergy spray or antihistamine daily, regardless of the season. Combined with deep cleaning my bedroom every week to keep the dust out, this has mostly been enough to keep me sleeping well at night. I say mostly because despite these efforts, I sometimes wake up with a hacky cough and watery eyes.

By installing the Airmega IconS air purifier in my bedroom, I can finally ditch the medication without the risk of waking up with allergy symptoms throughout the night. This is the biggest problem solved for me.

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I tried Levoit Vital 200S–> for a while and found it a good choice for my room as it’s a powerful air purifier, but the Coway prevented my allergies more consistently – and that’s what really matters for health.

ZDNET’s buying guide

Ultimately, the Airmega IconS is a Smart air purifier for $500<!–>, which is a significant amount of money to spend on such a device. It is Coway’s most expensive model Airmega line–>mainly due to its smart features, wireless charging and modern design, but I would argue that it pays off by giving you better health.

The air purifier is a beautiful device that fits seamlessly into almost any decor. Its tailored design also sets it apart from the crowd of large, boxy and polished white air purifiers.

Apart from the price, I can’t complain much about the Airmega IconS. The effectiveness of the filtration, coupled with the additional but practical benefits, definitely impressed me – a machine large enough to give the machine a permanent place in my bedroom.

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