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These Are Today’s 10 Best Lip Deals Under $25

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Do you love lip balm? Lip gloss? Lipstick? There are so many different styles to choose from and tons of fun colors to throw on whenever you’re ready to dress up a little. But we get it: Makeup, even lip products, can be a little pricey. That’s why we’ve picked out some of our favorite stains, glosses, lip oils, and more that you can shop now and save big in the process.

All of the following lip products are available for under $25. This means you can get great deals and keep your lips looking beautiful and fresh. Just check out our picks below and add to your cart – you’ll love having all these options to choose from next time you’re putting together your makeup look. You’ll need to add plenty more lipsticks to your kit.

Today’s 10 Best Lip Deals Under $25

1. Nyx Buttergloss: Apply nourishing color with this non-sticky gloss that goes on like butter – only $5!

2. Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss: Add some light shine to your lips for less with this delicious gloss – just $3!

3. Maybelline Lifter Gloss: Smooth the surface of your lips with plumping hyaluronic acid and give them a lift with this glossy gloss – only $8!

4. Unicorn Glow Shine: Add magical shine and shine to your lips with this fun, multi-colored gloss line – only $9!

5. Catkin Tinted Lip Balm: This beautifully packaged lip balm adapts to the unique pH of your lips and gives you the perfect color – only $16!

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6. Milani Fruit Fetish Lip Oil: This glossy, oil-infused, fruit-flavored balm tastes great and looks even better – only $9!

7. Physicians Formula Butter Lip: This high-shine gloss glides on smoothly and leaves your lips with luscious color – only $8!

8. Cover Girl Outlast Tinted Lip Color: This lip color lasts all day and all night thanks to the top coat – only $8!

9. Etude fixing color: This highly pigmented, colorful shade is a full coverage lipstick that lasts as long as you need it – only $12!

10. Revlon Tinted Lip Stain: Apply this lipstick for deep, nourishing color – only $5!

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