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There Are Huge Discounts on 60 Games in the Xbox 360 Store, Here Are Our 4 Favorites

Before the planned closure of the Xbox 360 Store, around 60 titles are heavily discounted, with over 50 games being 80% or more off.

On July 29, 2024, the Xbox 360 Marketplace will close. It has been a gaming source for console users for almost 19 years. It will no longer be possible to purchase new games, DLC, or anything else that requires the Marketplace.

If you’re still an Xbox 360 gamer, this is a fantastic opportunity to replenish your library at a fraction of the normal price and ensure you have enough games to keep you going even when the marketplace closes its digital doors in July .

The full list of games and discounts can be found on Microsoft’s website. However, here are the games you shouldn’t miss before they become available.

Thief (2014)

  • Discount: -85%
  • Price now: $2.24
  • Take charge of master thief Garret, who roams the city stealing everything that isn’t nailed down (and some things that are). You’ll soon find yourself embroiled in an uprising that threatens to tear the city apart, and you’ll have to use all the tools and tricks of your trade to find lasting peace. While Thief (2014) may not have received the same critical acclaim as other games in the series, it is still a fun and addictive stealth action game that is worth your time.

The escapists

  • Discount: -85%
  • Price now: $2.99
  • Gather your gear, recruit your crew and plan the perfect escape. The Escapists is a simulation game in which you have to escape from prison. How you do it is up to you, and there are hundreds of options available to you. But don’t make it too obvious or point it out to the guards. Play it cool. Choose your moment and escape.

Far Cry 4

  • Discount: -80%
  • Price now: $5.99
  • Survive in the dangerous Kyrat, a Himalayan region under the rule of a capricious warlord dictator. Explore a lush open world, experience the countless weapon options to find your favorite weapon, and fight your way through enemy soldiers and dangerous wildlife alike. Dive into as many side quests as you like or follow the main quest to its epic conclusion – this exploration-driven, open-world RPG lets you play your own way.

Tomb Raider (2013) & Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Discount: -75% / – 80%
  • Price now: $4.99 / $7.99
  • Okay, I’m packing two entries into one here, but if you think you’ll like one of them, you should grab them both. Follow the legendary Lara Croft on her journey (see what I did there) from a scared and insecure young woman to the epic explorer and survivor she becomes. Explore deadly tombs and discover ancient treasures in these must-see action-adventure games.
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