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The OnlyFans Model Who Ruined the Portal Previously Went Viral for Leaking a Toilet

In a turn of events that shouldn’t shock anyone, it turns out that the OnlyFans model who recently went viral by flashing New York’s “Portal” has a habit of doing outlandish things to get attention.

In recent years, 25-year-old Ava Louise has gone viral Licking a toilet seat on a plane And before that, she went viral because she was Dr. Phil said she would rather “die hot than live ugly.” Suffice it to say, she’s willing to do anything—no matter how disruptive or depraved—to drum up interest in her company. In other words, she’s not much different than anyone else in the infotainment industry.

Louise, whose OF biography makes the comment “Yes, I make sex tapes!”, managed to cause quite a stir this week when She “flashed the portal.”“—a strange art installation that is essentially a giant webcam connecting the cities of New York and Dublin (Ireland) via a live video feed. Louise is credited with temporarily disabling the portal (in fact, she bragged about it). on her Instagram), but in reality, she’s just one of numerous people who have abused the silly art installation for yuck, to the point where officials recently did decided to pull the plug.

Other people have allegedly used the portal to share 9/11 videos, dick pics and porn. Given that the project essentially resembles a giant phone screen, it makes sense that people would use it to spam each other with much of the same content that spreads via SMS.

In any case, as already mentioned, Louise is a well-trained provocateur. In 2020, she managed another great brand endorsement when she released one TikTok video of herself licking a toilet seat. The seat was on a plane, she said, and she called it the “coronavirus challenge.” Louise later explained this behavior by claiming that the toilet was actually there is on a private jet belonged to her sugar daddy and was therefore hygienic.

Dr. Phil S17E108 ~ Insta-Famous to Insta-Lonely (02/21/2019)

She was previously a regular guest at Dr. Phil, a show known for its amazingly sophisticated conversations about celebrity and mental health. There, Louise chatted with the good doctor about things like “wanting to be Insta-famous,” focusing too much on “being hot,” and, as previously mentioned, preferring to “die hot rather than live ugly.” To Louise’s credit, her appearances on the show are pretty funny, although I’d venture to guess that the advice the celebrity therapist tried to give had only a negligible effect.

The portal still seems to be unavailable. Gizmodo reached out to the Flatiron Nomad Business Improvement District, one of the organizations behind the portal, for information about when it might be operational again, but did not receive an immediate response.

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