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The Most Comfortable No-show Bras for Summer

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There’s no denying that summer is the most wonderful time of the year – it exudes a carefree energy that instantly lifts your spirits. The weather is better, the clothes are better and the mood is all around better. Honestly, there’s just one annoying aspect of summer that only ladies will understand: wearing a bra becomes a serious chore.

Lighter fabrics and higher temperatures often result in sticky, uncomfortable bra situations that cause the bra to dig in, reveal annoying straps, or show outlines. Finding a comfortable no-show bra is a serious undertaking, but you don’t have to spend hours shopping to find a good one. In fact, you’ll find five flawless options on this list. Wearing a bra is fun. . . or at least a little more pleasant. Find the best no-show bras for summer below!

If you hate the unsightly contours that full coverage bras always seem to create, t-shirt bras are the reliable solution for completely invisible underwear. The medium coverage style smoothes and disappears no matter what top or dress you wear. This Skims option is by far a favorite with our team and our customers due to its buttery soft fabric and stretchy design that gives you a custom fit. It’s so good that you might even enjoy wearing bras!

$54 at Nordstrom!

Finding a strapless bra that stays up can feel almost impossible—and once you find one that stays up, it almost always digs in (the problem is real). Spanx has finally found something that will change the way you look at strapless bras forever: the new Suit Your Fancy. Smart design features set this bra apart from the competition: silicone strips are attached to the back strap and cups to keep it comfortably in place; The back strap mentioned above can be smoothed out so you don’t see lines through your clothes. And the lightweight fabric dries quickly, making it perfect for the hot summer temperatures!

$74 at Spanx!

Forget the hanger! This summer we’re prioritizing comfort and fit. Speaking of fit, you’re sure to find the perfect bra because this best-selling Knix bra (with added side coverage to make side boob spills a thing of the past) is available in 99 sizes from 28A to 48H. Talk about inclusivity!

$65 at Knix!

Let’s face it: Wearing a full bra every day can be annoying (and in most cases, it’s not entirely necessary). Bralettes are specially made for relaxed moments and are ten times more comfortable than most bras. Our favorite? This silky-smooth, full coverage style from Spanx that feels like a sports bra but looks way cuter!

$58 at Spanx!

Showing more skin and summer time go hand in hand. . . But that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to flaunt the girls. If you feel insecure because of your larger bust size, there are ways to minimize it – namely with minimizer bras. ThirdLove’s wireless minimizer is one of the least restrictive designs we’ve found. It comfortably reduces your breast size by five centimeters without cutting in. The best part is that it completely disappears under t-shirts and tank tops, so you can just throw it on and forget it!

$64 at ThirdLove!

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