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The Latest Research from SoluPet Supplement Shows That a Cognitive Crisis in Dogs is Imminent

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Nearly a third of all dogs in the United States are affected, but there are no effective solutions

TORONTO – As dogs age, they are at increasing risk of cognitive decline, similar to humans. Recent research shows that a staggering thirty (30) million dogs in the United States have visited their veterinarian for cognitive problems, but viable treatment options remain scarce. Two of the most important interventions, fish oil and milk thistle, lack scientific support, leaving many dogs without adequate support. With the increase in dog ownership during the Covid pandemic, the prevalence of canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) is expected to escalate and require urgent attention.

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The findings come from a comprehensive research study by Dig Insights, a global technology-enabled market research firm, which surveyed U.S. dog owners in April 2024. Worryingly, only 5% of dogs aged 11 years and older were officially diagnosed with CCD, suggesting widespread underdiagnosis. However, owners of older dogs are increasingly noticing behavioral changes that indicate cognitive decline, such as: B. changed sleep patterns and disorientation. However, these symptoms often remain unrecognized or are not treated.

SoluPet Inc., a pioneering pet supplement company based on science and data, is a leader in the fight against CCD. With the support of a team of experts in neuroscience, nanotechnology and the pet industry, SoluPet is working to offer a revolutionary nutritional supplement proven to stop dementia in animals. According to Dr. Paul Dick, chief veterinary science consultant at SoluPet, said “CCD poses a significant threat to older pets and requires innovative solutions such as SoluPet’s transformative nutritional supplement.”

Bill Mohri, founder and CEO of SoluPet, says: “I started the company after seeing signs of dementia in our family dog, Lily, and realizing that there were so few effective products available to treat it. I decided I had to do something myself and put together a novel product and an outstanding advisory team of neuroscientists, nanotechnologists and pet industry leaders.”

Despite the prevalence of CCD, awareness among dog owners remains relatively low, with only 31% having heard of the condition. This highlights the need for increased education and outreach efforts, particularly among older populations. Veterinarians are proving to be key players in this endeavor, not only in diagnosing and treating CCD, but also in promoting trust in effective solutions such as SoluPet.

Additionally, the study highlights that 77% of dog owners are interested in supplements that are proven to be effective. This represents a significant opportunity for SoluPet to meet the growing demand for canine cognition solutions.

As the cognitive crisis in dogs continues to grow, SoluPet’s innovative nutritional supplement offers a ray of hope for millions of aging dogs and their owners. With the right awareness, education and support from veterinary professionals, the tide against CCD can be turned and a better future can be secured for our lovely canine companions.

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