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The Golden Bachelorette Joan Reveals What She Would “never” Do for Love

Joan Vassos is not ready to do anything for love. In her first interview since then announced as the very first leading role of The Golden BacheloretteThe 61-year-old headteacher revealed what she would never do for a man.

“I think you almost have to lead a double life. I will never leave my family. They are of course the most important people in the world to me, and I would expect that to be the case for the person I am too, because family is so important to me that it is a central part of their personality should be,” said Joan CNN. “You have to be willing… to travel and be with that person and maybe spend a few months or a few weeks at a time… and then maybe at some point find a destination that is or is suitable for you and your families.” another house where everyone comes together.

As for her family, the single from Maryland is a mother of four and grandmother of two.

“My first and third children are very enthusiastic about it. They think it’s really fun and what a cool experience for mom,” Joan said. “My daughter Erica and my son Luke are a little nervous. They say, ‘Don’t kiss a guy on TV. This is going to be really embarrassing. My friends are watching.’ But overall they all want me to find love.

Joan’s journey into love began after the death of her husband of 32 years. Two years later she saw a casting call for The Golden Bachelor That same evening, she lamented the challenges of dating in her golden years while out to dinner with a friend.

“I didn’t want to spend my life alone, so I knew I had to do something, but my heart wasn’t there at all. I said to my friend, ‘How on earth are you dating now? Look around.’ “Everyone here is a couple. All my friends are married,” she recalled, before saying, “The universe is talking to me.”

She eventually landed a role on the series and vied for it Gerry Turner‘s heart.

“I learned so much from him about opening your heart and being vulnerable,” Joan said of Gerry, whom she decided to go amid health concerns for her daughter.

“I left that day knowing it was absolutely the right decision,” Joan said, “and I got on the plane and thought, ‘This trip is finally over.'”

But Joan said she “still has unfinished business,” a feeling she expressed after her exit from the series.

“Once a mom, always a mom and sometimes the timing doesn’t work out to find true love,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “Everyone at home is doing great and I hope I get the chance at love again one day.”

With that in mind, when ET spoke with Joan at the taping of “Women Tell All,” she said simply The Golden Bachelorette“I think I would say yes.”

Now she’s done just that and is gearing up to direct the first season of The Golden Bachelorette.

“I almost felt like I was floating above my body. It was kind of surreal,” she told CNN about landing the role, before sharing what she hopes her love story can show others.

“I think there are cultures in the world that revere older people and think that they have knowledge and that life experience, and I don’t think that’s absolutely true in our society,” she said. “Well, I guess [The Golden Bachelor] showed the side of, we are not old. We don’t have sticks. Some people on the show had hearing aids, but no one could see that they had them. Growing old now is completely different. We were all very fit, played sports, told great stories about raising our children and learned so much from each other.”

“We have a lot of knowledge within us because we have lived life,” Joan added. “In our culture, I feel like getting older is not a dignified thing. You should just fade into the background and take a back seat to the next generation. I hope we change that a little. “We’re still fun and energetic and we know how to use our phones.”

As for the end of her journey, Joan said she is open to any possibility.

“If an engagement happens, I’m open to it. I believe this process works. I’ve seen it work for so many couples.” The bachelorThat’s why I believe in the process,” she said. “If we end up getting engaged, that’s great. If we end up getting to know each other better in the outside world, that’s perfect too.”

“I probably won’t get married straight away – and not just because of what happened with Gerry and Theresa [Nist]”Joan continued The Golden Bacheloris the last pairWHO called it finished three months after marriage. “I think it takes some time to really get to know someone in the wild. In the real world, you have to spend some time there.”

The Golden Bachelorette will air on ABC on Wednesdays this fall.


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