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The Biggest Threat to Marvel Rivals is All Other Rival Team Shooters

Marvel Rivals pits its greatest heroes against each other and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also a familiar kind of fun if you’ve ever played Overwatch. As Overwatch2 Fights To retain players (and attract new ones), there is no shortage of new games with similar team PvP dynamics, modes, and characters. As Valve leaked dead end Titles or PlayStations Unityor Star Wars: Hunters. Add the now console-bound (and more strategy-heavy) Appreciationand yes, there are a lot of team shooters on the horizon. Oh, and I forgot Foam stars, like most of us.

Rivalsby Netease, but has a head start with a list of characters that most of us have heard of. These are also heroes whose powers and abilities we already know. And it really is a list: 19 characters, now expanded to 21 for the next wave of testing.

I Was I’m going to complain that that’s a heady number of characters and combinations to learn or at least get used to. But, hey, Overwatch launched with 21 characters. A leak obtained from the closed alpha suggests there are plans for up to 39 characters. Oh dear.

Briefly playing this alpha build demo at Summer Game Fest offers a glimpse into the game and the emerging metas (combinations of characters and team builds), but it takes time for it to develop and solidify, just as it takes time for me to get good at a new team shooter.

Like the original Overwatch, Rivals lets six heroes/villains compete against six other Marvel characters, with the familiar team objectives of escaping a slow-moving object or protecting zones from the opposing team. It’s not all Marvel presents … Overwatchalthough.

I liked the destructible environments, with some walls only being able to take a limited amount of damage before they collapsed and exposed your hero. It kept me on my toes. Other unique gameplay features include “Dynamic Hero Synergy,” a sort of built-in meta where two (sometimes three) characters can support each other in battle.

One example of this is that I had early success with Groot. Groot is a tank player with the ability to build Mei-style walls, albeit made of plants rather than ice. However, having Rocket, his teammate in Guardians of the Galaxy, on the same team increases the duo’s damage. And Rocket can also ride around on Groot’s shoulder. Cute.

I mentioned the Groot-Mei connection, but other abilities overlap with Overwatch Characters are obvious, but with a twist. Hela, Queen of Hel, has some similarities to Overwatch2It’s Kiriko who can escape from sticky situations, but trades healing for a focus on dealing damage.

Black Panther’s lunge attack, meanwhile, gains an instant cooldown when you hit an enemy, mimicking Genji’s dash attack, which recharges when you get a kill.

The third-person perspective, which some early testers found controversial, takes some getting used to. I get it: When a game’s core selling point is the global excess that is Marvel’s intellectual property, you want to see what you paid for. You want to see Iron Man snatch Magik from the sky, Loki fake his death while spinning back to attack Namor’s weak spot. Much of that character design is lost in the first-person perspective, and your teammates and enemies rarely stand still for you to appreciate their character design and story.

I’m not sure why, but when playing this type of game from a third-person perspective, the movements felt kind of sluggish. Unless you’re Spider-Man, who has an exceptionally high level of mobility and speed compared to the rest of the current gamers.

Overwatch2 struggled with a lack of PvE features as well as the big change to 5v5 team battles. The game has fallen out of favor with many Overwatch players. However, for many people, it’s still the team shooter to beat. Will the appeal of Marvel’s greatest heroes (and villains) be enough, and can NetEase hold its own? Rivals Excitement at launch? A closed beta test is planned for July, in which PS5 players will also take part this time.

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