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The Big Problem with Used Teslas from Hertz

hertz gambled and lost when it placed its big EV bet on Tesla a few years ago. It was a chance for the rental car company to shake up the industry, but instead the cCompany bought 30,000 Teslas, were scared away Loss of value and expensive repairs and want it now Get rid of them. While all of those used Teslas seemed like great used car deals, it turns out that owning high-mileage electric vehicles that used to be rented is terrible New York Magazine reported.

Hertz had an ambition to make 20 percent of its rental fleet electric vehicles and wanted to start with a huge Tesla deal that saw the company purchase over 30,000 examples. Expensive maintenance work that the company did not take into account unsettled the company so much that it began selling its fleet. That took care of that incredible used electric vehicle purchases, especially when you consider the $4,000 used electric vehicle tax credit. People rushed to Hertz dealers to buy them up. A salesperson at a Hertz dealership in Smithtown, New York said New York Magazine that at times they sold up to 30 Teslas per week. A slowdown came as buyers finally realized what they had gotten themselves into.

Take Bijay Pandey of Irving, Texas. Earlier this year, he purchased a 2022 Model 3 Long Range for his wife for just $25,000. The problems with it started not long after the purchase.

After receiving a provisional title, he discovered that the car was not displaying voltage correctly. Soon, a body shop discovered a quarter-sized hole in the chassis that he hadn’t seen before, leading to deeper problems inside. “The high-voltage battery pack is damaged and could cause extreme safety concerns,” a Tesla engineer wrote to him.

The hole in the battery pack turned out to be damage that was classified as “external damage,” resulting in a 3.5% repair bill over $13,000. Of course, this amount was not covered by the guarantee. Surprisingly, Hertz told Pandey that he could exchange the car for another one. Unfortunately, that meant a two-month wait while Pandey was still paying his $500 for the car. Pandey says it was then that he realized why Hertz was trying to unload these electric vehicles. “I realized why they were trying to get rid of these Teslas. If something happens to a Tesla, the bill will be too high.”

Pandey is not alone in this realization. Places like Reddit And Tesla Forums There are many people who ask whether it is a good idea to buy a used Tesla from Hertz. And many people advise them to stay away from it. Many people seem to forget that these were rental properties, and rental properties often have a hard life. Some recommended that it would make more sense to buy a used Model 3 from Tesla than from Hertz.

The battery abuse these have endured makes purchasing from Hertz a dealbreaker. My previous experience with buying a used car plays a role. There isn’t much abuse with most rental cars, but many of them were rented from Uber, there are plenty of fast charging options and use of the full range available. The abuse is so great that it hits the poor guy who buys one. I would buy a used Tesla from Tesla, that’s all.

We reached out to Hertz for comment, but Hertz doesn’t say much about the used Teslas. It seems the company just wants to get rid of her and call it a day. In a statement about it New York, A spokeswoman said the company expects to have sold the remaining 20,000 Teslas by the end of the year. If you’re looking for any of these things and are tempted by the low prices, all I can say is good luck.

This article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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