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teamlease: From increased hiring demand for freshers to top-in-demand careers and courses insights from TeamLease Career Outlook Report for July to Dec 2022

Career Outlook report by TeamLease Edtech for the period between July to December 2022 delved into some key trends on the job demand for freshers, and overall hiring demand by industries and by courses.

Intent to hire is a measure that the report uses to denote the % of employers intending to hire. According to the report, that number is at 59% for hiring freshers in the upcoming quarter which is high compared to global intent to hire freshers at 11%. The overall hiring intent number across the talent pool is at 61% for the quarter.

The demand is highest in the largest cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and for job roles such as Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Data Scientist, Molecular Biologist, Wellness Specialist and User Experience Research.

But, let’s delve into individual high-demand roles by sector:

IT still had the highest hiring intent at 65% with demand high for software developers and data engineers.

In e-commerce, which has a 48% hiring intent, the top roles in leading cities, the role for well-designed campaigns seems critical. Graphic Designer and Campaign Associate are some of the high-demand roles.

The Telecom sector with a high hiring intent of 47% needed more mobile application developers and network engineers. A network engineer, for example, would need to have completed courses in computer hardware and networking.

Health and Pharma had a high hiring intent at 41% but the highest demand roles were medical transcriptionists and medical coders.

Across retail, the high-demand roles were supply chain and market research. Another emerging role is a Consumer behaviour analyst role would require at least a certificate course in behavioural analysis.

Manufacturing had a hiring intent of 33% with production engineer and mechanical engineering roles most in focus and demand.

Engineering and Infrastructure at 38% hiring intent had a high demand for Blockchain Engineers which is also a high-demand course, therefore.

Logistics Coordinators were in demand in the logistics sector with hiring intent at 27%.

Consulting, with a lower hiring intent at 12% shows the importance of contextual knowledge with the demand for Functional Consultant and Process Consulting.

Educational Services with a hiring intent of 25% saw the highest demand for Instructional designers and UX designers underscoring the importance of well-structured and well-designed courses.

Media and Entertainment at 15% hiring intent had some interesting roles that had high demand. From Game testers to content creators these roles require people to complete courses such as a certificate in gaming and a content writing master course, respectively.

FMCG had a hiring intent of 14% and the highest demand was for logistics executives and marketing research analysts. Power and Energy also had similar hiring intent with energy service analysts and design engineers being in demand.

Construction at 12% hiring intent saw demand for civil engineers and architects.

Agriculture and Agrochemicals also had a low hiring intent at 9% within which demand was higher for agricultural farm associates and agronomists. An agronomist would need a Master’s degree in Agronomy.

Marketing and Advertising saw a low overall hiring demand at 9% but within that, SEO specialists and Digital Advertising specialists were the highest in demand. There are specialized courses for each of these which are rising in demand.

While travel and hospitality saw overall low hiring demand at 7%, food is always in demand and hence sous chefs and banquet executives were highest in demand.

The other interesting area the report identified was the associated skills for a role. For example, an affiliate marketing specialist also needs a content management system understanding, social media management and digital marketing skills. Similarly, an user experience researcher needs to be strong in wireframing, have strong UX skills and have good analytical thinking.

These would help applicants plan the right courses and skills to build on.

Some of the most in-demand courses range from product management, cyber security, blockchain, biotech, business analytics, cloud computing, robotics, CFA, digital marketing, and AI/ML programs, apart from soft skills such as business communication, and confidence building.

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