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Therese Raphael’s View to 2023: Sometimes the Future Is Obvious

Comment on this story Comment What to Expect in 2023Forecasting is a mug’s game in part because the potential inputs are so numerous that even the most complex models can’t possibly account for the vast range of possibilities. Or, as Ian Wilson, a former executive of General Electric Co., put it, “no amount of sophistication … Read more

The Guardian view on City reforms: banks need more regulation, not less | Editorial

In the years before the 2008 financial crash, Britain allowed the development of a financial system which was paying bankers handsomely for taking too many risks. It had grown so large that the then recently appointed head of the City regulator, Adair Turner, described much of the Square Mile’s activities as “socially useless”. Memories are … Read more

Career Days from Hunt, Newman push Sun Devil WBB past Prairie View A&M

TEMPE, Ariz. – Treasure Hunt and Meg Newman were a two-person wrecking crew on Saturday afternoon at Desert Financial Arena, as the two combined for 34 points and 27 rebounds in the Sun Devil women’s basketball team’s 82-67 win over Prairie View A&M.   Hunt scored a career-best 22 points with nine rebounds, while Newman chimed in with 12 … Read more

While Qataris may view the World Cup as a job well done as fans go home with positive views, the legacy remains that more change is needed | World News

It was one evening in Souq Waqif, a few days before the World Cup kicked off, when we first wondered whether things were quite how they seemed. It wasn’t just this modern market, built to mimic an ancient souq but actually constructed in 2006, that seemed out of place. Coming out of the metro every … Read more

My View On Meta And MercadoLibre Partnership (META) (MELI)

pixelfit Commerce and how customers interact with sellers and brands keep evolving fast in our rapidly digitalizing world. Yesterday LATAM E-Commerce giant MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:MELI) and social media giant Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) announced talks about cooperation between the two companies in Brazil. This article will discuss what this cooperation could mean for both companies. Mercado Pago … Read more

The ultra-wide camera on OnePlus 10R features a __________ field of view

Amazon OnePlus 10R 5G Quiz has been updated once again. Now, the quiz is being held from April 28th, 2022, to May 7th, 2022. Amazon has been releasing gadget-related quizzes on the platform, offering Amazon Pay balance and the latest smartphones as rewards. The Amazon OnePlus 10R 5G Quiz offers a chance to win a … Read more

Taiwan: An Indian view

India’s interest in and interactions with Taiwan have grown steadily since the end of the Cold War, as economics and politics have combined to increase Taiwan’s significance to India. Taiwan has consistently provided a window into the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for India. This dynamic builds on the legacy of India’s relationship with the … Read more

Key questions for 2023: the professionals’ view

Global equity income With several parts of the world appearing to be moving into or already in recession, which types of company are likely to be able to withstand this and continue to maintain or increase dividends?   Daniel Roberts, manager of Fidelity Global Dividend Fund (GB00B7778087) We’re able to find a number of attractively valued … Read more

View from India: Path breakers of a different kind

A recap of some of this year’s notable personalities, whose hard work, determination and far sightedness has made them a cut above the rest. Abhilasha Barak creates history The daughter of an army official, Abhilasha Barak spent her formative years in the military Cantonment. When her father, Colonel S Om Singh, retired in 2011 and … Read more