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Economies caught in vicious cycle- The New Indian Express

Where and how to begin this story? The ‘where’ is crucial as this tale crisscrosses continents and nations. The ‘how’ is critical as geopolitical tsunamis fracture friendships and help foes become friends. The political domino effect is visible with the fall of a few leaders. Yet, others become more ambitious, more arrogant, and full of … Read more

Eilish McColgan: Female athletes get into a vicious injury cycle because of the contraceptive pill | Sport

“I’ve always been a very unconfident person,” Eilish McColgan says. It is a statement at odds with four medals in 16 days, but it shows how the smiles of success can mask ordinary fears. Bouts of Covid and laryngitis segued into the 10,000m Commonwealth Games title 36 years after her mother, Liz, had first won … Read more

Indian Airlines: How Indian airlines are caught in a vicious cycle of profitless growth

From September 1, life is likely to get marginally easier for India’s airlines. For one, there has been an easing of global crude oil prices, which have been on fire for a few months now, which, in turn, is likely to reflect in the prices the carriers pay for aviation fuel. For another, it is … Read more