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“If you do not offer the best, you do not sell in India”: Sridhar Vembu

SRIDHAR VEMBU’S journey with Zoho Corp, which he co-founded in 1996 and has been leading since 2000, has been an eventful one. Zoho is now the largest software product company in India and is among the major SaaS (software as a service) companies in the world. An alumnus of IIT–Madras and Princeton University, Vembu is … Read more

Zoho is developing software for machine translation using Sanskrit. CEO Sridhar Vembu

News Update ByStartupStory     |    November 11, 2022 Major domestic software-as-a-service provider Zoho, whose yearly turnover has just surpassed $1 billion, is creating machine translation software utilizing Sanskrit as an intermediate layer. Machine translation is an algorithm that converts text or voice from one natural language to another. “When translating between any two languages, you must first … Read more

‘Loyalty a two-way street, firms must take care of staff holistically’: Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu

For Zoho Corporation, the Chennai-based global technology company, there has been no looking back. The company has been surging ahead since its inception in 1996 which now sees a revenue of more than $690 million and has 75 million users around the world. Its chief executive officer Sridhar Vembu talks to LiveMint on a barrage … Read more