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Staffing Word of the Week; SIA conference upcoming

September 13, 2022 There were 33 million contingent workers in the gig economy, according to “The US Gig Economy Report” published this week from Staffing Industry Analysts.  SIA’s Lexicon defines gig economy as “any contingent work of a fixed duration such as temporary workers (sourced directly or through a staffing agency) and independent contractors.” And the … Read more

Adele Recalls Sia Calling Her Lazy In The Studio

When the lyrics from “Chasing Pavements” came up, Adele revealed a story about working in the studio with singer-songwriter Sia. “I do remember on 19, I always used the word ‘cuz.’” “One time, I was in the studio with Sia, and I kept being, like, ‘cuz’ or ‘but’ and ‘and,’” Adele said. “She was like, … Read more