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GTA 5 Player Recreates Fast And Furious 7 Plane Drop Scene

A truly impressive recreation of the famous Furious 7 scene made in GTA 5. When it comes to player-made creations for games there are some incredible productions out there. YouTubers and creators have used the likes of Sifu, Half-Life, Halo, and Minecraft among others to direct their own movies in. Rockstar’s GTA games have also … Read more

Investors bet big on India’s e-sports scene as gamers seek fame and fortune

Next to a primary school and a shabby playground in India’s financial capital Mumbai stands a plush four-storey building that is home to the world’s newest breed of gamer. More than 20 young “streamers” in residence spend their day playing video games, practising for televised e-sports tournaments that draw in millions of viewers. Equipped with … Read more

Love Is Blind Season 3’s Zanab Talks Cuties Scene

Zanab Jaffrey told BuzzFeed all about that Cuties moment in the reunion episode of Love is Blind. For context, Zanab alleged that she stopped eating after Cole attempted to control what she ate and made disparaging comments about her body — both on and off camera. She recalled one particular incident where she said she … Read more

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever came to theaters on Friday, bringing us back to the technologically advanced African nation as its people grieve the loss of King T’Challa. It’s the 30th Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, the sequel to 2018 megahit Black Panther, and includes the most touching post-credit scene you can imagine. T’Challa, who held the … Read more

How Shah Rukh Khan helped Himani Shivpuri in DDLJ’s saree scene: ‘He stood there, which is why…’

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is one of the most iconic films of Shah Rukh Khan, who celebrates his 57th birthday on Wednesday. The actor redefined the genre of romance with the movie, which has been running in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir for over 25 years. The movie also boasted a stellar star cast, including actors Kajol, … Read more