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Pankaj Murarka of Renaissance Investment Managers

Updated Nov 22, 2022 | 11:42 AM IST Speaking to ET NOW,Pankaj Murarka, CIO, Renaissance Investment Managers on shares his views on new-age tech companies. Post-lock-up selling has wiped out over Rs 3 lakh crore and 5 new age tech stocks have fallen 50-75% since their peaks. Additionally, uncertainty regarding the road to profitability and … Read more

Here’s Your Front Row Seat to Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Renaissance

It’s the start of a new Ren-anne-aissance. There’s no denying that Anne Hathaway has recently revived her style, dressing like the triple threat that she is with fierce, fun and fabulous fashion. And while she’s been turning heads on and off the red carpet since skyrocketing to fame after the 2001 film The Princess Diaries, she’s most certainly having a moment with her newfound style. … Read more

SkyHive Launches the Global Alliance for Skills to Aid Economic Renaissance and Labor Market Transitions

ROME–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SkyHive, the pioneer of Quantum Labor Analysis® that delivers powerful technologies and insights for the rapid reskilling of companies and communities across the globe, today launched the Global Alliance for Skills, a strategic alliance promoting economic and environmental sustainability by reskilling the global workforce. Led in partnership with Milcoop, a Benefit Company focused on … Read more

Beyoncé Slams Designer’s Claim He Wasn’t Paid for Renaissance

Beyoncé‘s team is getting into formation again to dispute another claim. In a since-deleted Instagram post shared on Oct. 12, art and fashion designer Nusi Quero alleged that he did not receive payment from the singer’s stylist for his work on Renaissance. Now, the Grammy winner’s team is firing back.  “It is deeply troubling that designer … Read more

Post offices adopting NFTs leads to a philately renaissance

Philately? If you are a millennial, there is a good chance you used Google to find out that there is a word dedicated to collecting and studying postage stamps. This same search also paints the picture of a hobby in decline, as younger generations are increasingly preoccupied with their screens and the constant stream of … Read more

A Nuclear Renaissance Means More Competition For Uranium

A worldwide nuclear renaissance led by Japan, some countries in Europe (despite German obfuscation), and hopefully the USA, is changing the international uranium market. Uranium producers across the world are forecasting a long-term embrace of nuclear power driving up demand for Uranium and are adjusting accordingly. These producers are not content to just quickly cash … Read more

Khairy Eyes Renaissance In Malaysia’s Primary Health Care

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 – Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin envisions reforming the primary health care system to decongest overloaded public hospitals in a shift from curative to preventive and community care. He said many clinicians, and hospital directors and heads of department have told him that many cases they see in hospitals should not have … Read more

New US climate law could lead to a mining ‘renaissance’ in Alaska, drawing excitement and concern

A rock hammer lies on core samples from the Arctic deposit, inside the core shack at Bornite, a mineral deposit and exploration camp in the Ambler Mining District in 2021. (Loren Holmes / ADN) This spring, a small Australian prospector sent geologists to a state warehouse to scour old rock collections. The geologists leveled handheld … Read more

Kanye West’s Favorite Song From Beyonce’s Renaissance

One month later, Renaissance still has me — and Kanye West, apparently — in a chokehold. The album was released by Beyoncé in July and is truly a masterpiece from start to finish. Like, there are no skips! Of all of the amazing tracks on the album, there’s one in particular that Kanye is really … Read more