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Why are cash-strapped states rushing to give their babus outsized pensions?

Welcome to The India Fix by Shoaib Daniyal, a newsletter on Indian politics. To get it in your inbox every Monday, sign up here (click on “follow”). Have feedback, interesting links or government job tips? Send them to [email protected] For the past few months, a single thread has featured in politics across states: what sort … Read more

A confluence of social and economic factors have driven outsized returns for multifamily investors

NCREIF apartment returns of 3.9 percent in the second quarter exceeded all sectors with the exception of industrial real estate, which saw a shift from brick-and-mortar to online shopping that has reverted back to the prepandemic trend (Exhibit 1). The apartment sector has now returned 24.4 percent over the trailing … Read more

Column: Outsized OPEC+ output cut raises global risks: Russell

LAUNCESTON, Australia, Oct 6 (Reuters) – The reaction to the OPEC+ decision to cut 2 million barrels per day (bpd) from it crude oil production is more instructive than the decision itself. The larger-than-expected reduction is both bullish and bearish for prices, depending on whether you are a buyer or seller, and what time frame … Read more

Axos Financial Stock: An Outsized Opportunity (NYSE:AX)

Additional disclosure: Gator Capital Management, LLC prepared this letter. Ultimus LeverPoint Fund Solutions, LLC, our administrator, is responsible for the distribution of this information and not its content. General Disclaimer By accepting this investment letter, you agree that you will not divulge any information contained herein to any other party. This letter and its contents … Read more