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Aubrey O’Day Responds To Body-Shaming Pictures

Aubrey O’Day opened up about the body-shaming she faced after paparazzi pics of her went viral in 2020. You might remember: Aubrey was scrutinized online after she was featured in an article that said she looked “unrecognizable” while out walking her dogs. Many social media users even accused Aubrey of altering her photos to make … Read more

Aubrey O’Day Says 2020 “Fat Photos” Controversy Continues to Haunt Her

Aubrey O’Day is looking back at a challenging chapter of her life. In August 2020, The Daily Mail published a series of photos of what the outlet described as an “unrecognizable” O’Day out for a walk with her dogs, resulting in some social media users to accuse the singer of heavily edited her previous Instagram posts to appear … Read more

Aubrey O’Day On Pauly D Cheating Rumors, Using Sex As Tool

While promoting her new single “Couple Goals,” Aubrey O’Day reflected on her past relationship with DJ Pauly D, who she dated off-and-on from 2015-2018. During a recent interview with InTouch, Aubrey opened up about infidelity and using sex as a tool to prevent Pauly from being unfaithful. “I didn’t have sex after Pauly for three … Read more

Aubrey O’Day Responds To Instagram Photoshop Claims

Aubrey O’Day is being called out for photoshopping her Instagram photos — and she’s not letting it slide. It all started when a TikTok user created a compilation of photos from Aubrey’s stay in Bali and pointed out how they had been edited. And it wasn’t even about Aubrey editing her body or face. It … Read more