Amber Heard claims she lost around $50 million due to Johnny Depp; refuses to accept her share of money Depp made off Pirates 5 : Bollywood News

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard in a defamation trial that lasted for weeks and ended up winning the case with a jury awarding him $15 million in damages. Now, The Daily Beast reported that Heard’s team claimed in pretrial documents that she suffered financial losses in the “$47-50 million” range over a “3-5 year period” … Read more

The Man that Raised $11 Million to find his 8,000 Bitcoins at the Dump with Two Robotic Dogs, Satoshi and Hal | by Zack Love | Coinmonks | Aug, 2022

James Howells will never stop chasing his white whale — a hard drive that he threw away that contained around 8,000 bitcoins he had mined. Photo by Evan Demicoli on Unsplash James Howells of Wales just doesn’t give up on his crypto dreams. Some may say that he has been tortured for years from a … Read more