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Taylor Swift Reveals First Midnights Lyric Ahead of Album Drop

Welcome to New York—and to your first sneak peek at Taylor Swift‘s Midnights lyrics.  The singer, 32, debuted a line from her upcoming album by having the words appear across a Spotify billboard in Times Square at (when else?) midnight on Oct. 17. And the lyric was…”I should not be left to my own devices.” … Read more

Kesha’s Mom Apology For Jeffrey Dahmer Cannibal Lyric

You know Kesha — and if you’re a certain age, you probably spent a decent amount of the late 2000s and early 2010s listening to her music. In the song’s second verse, Kesha sings, “Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner / Yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.” That particular lyric referencing the serial … Read more

Kesha’s Mom Addresses That Jeffery Dahmer “Cannibal” Lyric

Pebe Sebert is setting the record straight on Kesha‘s lyrics. After the “Take It Off” singer came under fire for her resurfaced lyric from her 2010 hit “Cannibal”, which makes a reference to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, her mom—who cowrote the song—decided to clear the air and explain how the lyric came to be. “The … Read more

Kesha’s Mother Explains the Jeffrey Dahmer Lyric in Her Daughter’s 2010 Single “Cannibal”

In response to recent criticism over music and other pop culture references to Jeffrey Dahmer, Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert explained the lyric in her daughter’s 2010 single “Cannibal,” which references the serial killer. Sebert, a songwriter, who co-wrote “Cannibal” and the specific lyric in question—I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer—went on TikTok to explain the lyric … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Denys “Shade” Towards Halsey in Track Lyric

Kelsea Ballerini is clarifying the meaning behind one eyebrow-raising lyric. The country star is denying any animosity toward a potential reference to Halsey in her song “Doin’ My Best, where the singer hints at a broken friendship with a former collaborator. The track contains the lyrics, “I was friends with a pop star / I put … Read more

Beyoncé to change a lyric in ‘Heated’ track from Renaissance album containing ableist slur after social media backlash : Bollywood News

Singer-songwriter Beyoncé is changing a lyric from her new song “Heated” following criticism from disability advocates and users on social media. The Grammy-winning sensation dropped her studio album Renaissance on Friday, July 29. Beyoncé to change a lyric in ‘Heated’ track from Renaissance album containing ableist slur after social media backlash According to The Hollywood … Read more

Monica Lewinsky Responded To Beyoncé’s Partition Lyric Backlash

Lewinsky’s request came shortly after Beyoncé removed an ableist slur from a song on her new album, Renaissance. Posted 2 minutes ago Monica Lewinsky has responded to fans’ confusion over her decision to speak out against a 2013 Beyoncé lyric that references her affair with President Bill Clinton. But first, here’s the backstory to explain … Read more