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Hero DAO: A Community-Owned Super Hero Franchise | by Decentra-List | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Today’s featured DAO is one for all of the comic book lovers out there. Think of your favorite superheroes and imagine being able to own a piece of their IP pie. That is precisely what Hero DAO offers its members. Hero DAO is decentralizing the superhero space by creating a community-owned franchise of comic book … Read more

What are algorithmic stablecoins? | by Sunflower Corporation | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Algorithmic stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose stability is provided by algorithms, smart contracts, or the actions of users who interact with them. How does it work? Let’s find out! As a result, the value of such cryptocurrencies is determined by price retention mechanisms, actions, and behavior of holders rather than collateral. That is why the price … Read more

What is Ethereum (ETH)?. Ethereum is a blockchain platform for… | by Sunflower Corporation | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Ethereum is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications and the second most valuable cryptocurrency (ETH) in terms of capitalization. Why is this so? Why do so many people use it? Let’s find out! This network is used by the majority of popular DeFi and NFT projects. Vitalik Buterin is considered to be the main creator … Read more

What are ERC-20 tokens?. ERC-20 is a popular standard for… | by Sunflower Corporation | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

ERC-20 is a popular standard for Ethereum-based smart contracts. Why is it so popular? How does it work? Let’s figure it out! ERC-20 20 is a set of rules to follow when creating a contract that is in charge of parameters and the issuance of new user tokens. This standard has greatly simplified the process … Read more

Why do we need DAO?. DAO is a decentralized autonomous… | by Sunflower Corporation | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is managed using smart contracts. Would you like to know why people create the DAO? Let’s find out! Smart contracts are responsible for the functions of voting, financial management and organization of work flows. More and more cryptocurrency communities are interested in such structures. New DAOs appear almost … Read more

Flits Crypto App : The Good , The Bad , And Why I Quit It | by Steve Beachy | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash I first discovered the Flits app in May 2021. At the time the FLS token was trading at around $1. I was excited about passive income streams and purchased 2000 FLS tokens and locked them up in masternodes. Over the next five months the FLS token plunged to $.45 … Read more

India Inc’s foreign investment declines over 50 pc to USD 1.11 bn in Jul 

India Inc’s foreign direct investment in July declined over 50 per cent to USD 1.11 billion in July 2022, the Reserve Bank data showed. As per the RBI data, on Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI), the domestic companies had invested over USD 2.56 billion in July 2021 in the form of equity, loan and issuances … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Pays Me to Write Blogposts | by JaseDMF | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Photo by Alex Knight, At Pexels Dear reader, (well, I mean to say writer this time…) Writing can be a real struggle if you allow it to be. I put an immense amount of pressure on myself recently by choosing to go the independent freelancer route. So spare a thought for the starving artist over … Read more

NFT Storage (Everything You Need To Know) | by Jay’s Notebook | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

An introduction to the only NFT Storage solution you need #compsci #blockchain #IPFS #NFT Photo by MagicPattern on Unsplash NFT.Storage is an IPFS solution for storing images and metadata into persistent, decentralized storage; in other words, it is a one stop shop for all your NFT storage needs. 📍 Notice: NFT.Storage does offers a graphical … Read more

Why Solana is more decentralized than you think | by Ultimate Money | Coinmonks | Jul, 2022

Solana’s active validator count, almost at 2000, is much higher than other chains It’s been twelve months since a Tweet from the Solana foundation announced the number of active validators passing 1,000, and now Solana has 1,875 active validators. Solana’s validator count has grown steadily since the launch of mainnet beta This gives Solana the … Read more