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Chamber of Commerce sues Biden administration regulator over an attempt to fight discrimination at financial services companies

New York CNN Business  —  The US Chamber of Commerce and other trade groups filed a lawsuit against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the agency’s recent attempt to examine discrimination in financial services, a move that the groups argue needs congressional approval. Several groups, which include American Bankers Association and Consumer Bankers Association and … Read more

The Real Reason for Leva & Craig’s Southern Charm Finale Fight

A Southern Charm showdown is on the horizon. The trailer for the Bravo series’ Sept. 29 season finale teased a blowup between Craig Conover and Leva Bonaparte, and she gave E! News an exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come. “I think the finale is a big culmination of a lot of things that the viewer sees—some of it; they … Read more

looking at potential tools to fight climate change

by Raphael Abiry, Marien Ferdinandusse, Alexander Ludwig and Carolin Nerlich[1] Climate change and its mitigation pose considerable risks for the economy and the financial sector. That is why a growing number of central banks have committed to integrating climate change considerations into their monetary policy frameworks. But what can central banks actually do to address … Read more

Fight for economic, civil and environmental justice. Regulate cryptocurrency, now.

It’d be incorrect to say that we don’t know much about cryptocurrency. It’d be a blatant lie to claim that what we do know about cryptocurrency is good. Realistically, our knowledge of the innovation’s impact is disheartening. The first form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was circulated in 2009. Initially, Bitcoin, and other digital coinage, appeared promising, … Read more

Take no prisoners: In the Fed’s inflation fight, no one is spared

New York CNN Business  —  Call it the “Take No Prisoners” economy. Recession worries are deepening around the world. Mortgage rates are spiking and housing is stalling. The Dow is at a two-year low and near a bear market. Global central banks are jacking up interest rates with no end in sight until high inflation … Read more

Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction Into the Fight Against Poverty: GFDRR Annual Report 2007 – World

Attachments There are two ways to ensure a healthy future for countries and communities that are highly vulnerable to disasters: help them reduce the risks before disaster strikes and, when it does, ensure that reconstruction and recovery are long term and sustainable. Helping governments and people develop the skills and knowledge needed to take on … Read more

Inflation fight can avoid deep pain, Atlanta Fed president says

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Raphael W. Bostic speaks at a European Financial Forum event in Dublin, Ireland February 13, 2019. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne Register now for FREE unlimited access to Register WASHINGTON, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Atlanta Federal Reserve President Raphael Bostic said on Sunday he still … Read more

How to fight stigma about mental health?

Concern about being treated differently leads some people to avoid or delay seeking treatment for their mental health. Stigma causes people to feel ashamed for something that is out of their control, contributing to worsening symptoms, lower self-esteem, social isolation, and reduced hope. Stigma not only affects those with mental illness, but the loved ones … Read more