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Sir Anthony Hopkins released his NFT collection “the Eternal” | by Kventin Tratillo | Coinmonks | Oct, 2022

Famous actor Anthony Hopkins released his NFT collection on OpenSea which was sold out within 10 minutes. As the actor himself states, he decided to immortalize all his works, so he turned to Orange Comet. The collection consists of 1000 tokens and at the moment all are already sold out, and the trading volume exceeded … Read more

india economy: Govt’s monthly economic report calls for eternal macroeconomic vigilance in these uncertain times

Emphasising that this is not the time to sit back, government’s monthly economic report called for eternal macroeconomic vigilance as the price to maintain stability and sustained growth. It said that the US Federal Reserve‘s balance sheet hasn’t started contracting yet and is expanding at a slower pace. The worry would start when the balance … Read more