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Esther Perel says success at work means sharing the ‘unofficial resume’

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught leaders, it’s that empathy is more important than ever to support employees. But getting it right—empathy, that is—has also never been harder. Cue the expert. Author and psychotherapist Esther Perel joined Fortune at its Most Powerful Women Summit on Tuesday to discuss working toward a more empathetic … Read more

HBO’s ‘Industry’, and Esther Perel

This is an audio transcript of the FT Weekend podcast episode: ‘HBO’s ‘Industry’, and Esther Perel’ Lilah RaptopoulosIf you’ve been watching the HBO show Industry, you’ve probably asked yourself how these characters could possibly love the world of banking. [CLIP FROM ‘INDUSTRY’]Come on, this is critical business. [CLIP FROM ‘INDUSTRY’]Is there a patient I’m going … Read more