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The ‘Lollapalooza Effect’ on Meta stock

The term ‘Lollapalooza Effect’ means a confluence of factors acting together that can lead to either large positive or negative results. The key is that when forces combine, they don’t just add up; each force builds off and strengthens the other, creating an explosive effect with huge results, according to Charlie Munger, an American investor. … Read more

Royal insiders fear Megxit ‘harmed the Queen’s health’: Stress had ‘detrimental effect’ on monarch

The stress caused by Harry and Meghan’s falling out with the Royal Family had a ‘detrimental effect’ on the health of the Queen in the final months of her life, well-placed sources have told The Mail on Sunday. The revelation comes days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex renewed their attack on the Royals … Read more

With a recession looming, layoffs are in full effect. Here are some of the safest and most at-risk jobs, according to economists.

US employees are worried about their jobs amid a looming recession. While a truly recession-proof job is elusive, some industries are safer than others. A recent report from the investment management company BlackRock warned that a worldwide recession unlike any other is now just around the corner. The grim economic outlook has caused employee concerns … Read more

What is accelerated process in 2023 IPL player auction, how does it work and when will it come into effect

405 players have been shorlisted for the 2023 IPL player auction, however, all of them will not go under the hammer | Photo: BCCI/IPL KEY HIGHLIGHTS IPL 2023 player auction is set to take place on December 23 in Kochi 405 players have been shortlisted for the mini-auction, however, all of them will not go … Read more

Crown feature effect evaluation on wind load for evergreen species based on laser scanning and wind tunnel experiments

Wang, Z. & Yuan, J. Typhoon numerical simulation and visualization for disaster risk assessment. Bull. Surv. Mapp. 108–110, 132 (2015). ADS  Google Scholar  Tang, J., Xu, L., Li, Y., He, Y. & Cui, S. Assessing the damage caused by typhoon on urban green space ecosystme service based on UAV remote sensing. J. Nat. Disasters 27, … Read more

Indian Overseas Bank revises interest rates with immediate effect

Depositors of domestic, non-resident external would receive interest rates up to 7.30 per cent by opening a term deposit with a tenure of 444 days and up to 7.25 per cent for a period of three years and above, Indian Overseas Bank said in a statement here.  Foreign currency depositors shall be paid an interest … Read more

Is moonlighting having a positive or adverse effect on employees’ mental health? | Health

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi Improving job satisfaction? This question has not been answered. Therefore, job stress and job satisfaction have always been a question for organizations and startups everywhere in the world. Sometimes job stress is excessive because it creates a negative and positive relationship between the individual and the environment. When a person feels that … Read more

Evaluation of the Effect of Changing the Normalised Appointment Mode D

Introduction The outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in December 2019 has seriously affected the life and health of people. According to a survey, more than 80% of the patients with new coronavirus pneumonia are asymptomatic or presenting only mild pneumonia and have strong infectivity at the early stage of the infection.1 Day surgery is a … Read more