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Overwatch 2 devs explain how upcoming support heroes could “replace” Lucio

Michael Gwilliam   ❘   Published: 2022-11-07T17:01:31   ❘   Updated: 2022-11-07T17:01:43 With Ramattra revealed as Overwatch 2’s next tank hero, the devs have already begun discussing what’s next for the support role and if upcoming healers could potentially replace Lucio. Lucio has been a significant component in many of Overwatch’s metas over the years … Read more

‘Marvel Snap’ devs’ first idea was so good they refused to believe it

Comment on this story Comment Though better known for its comics and cinematic universe, Marvel Entertainment has published video games since the 1980s. From “The Amazing Spider-Man” on the original Game Boy to “Marvel’s Avengers” on the PlayStation 5, dozens of titles over the decades have allowed players to live vicariously through their favorite superheroes … Read more

“People Say There’s Pressure In IPL, I Would Say Don’t Play”: Kapil Dev’s Remarks Spark Debate

One of the finest cricketers to ever grace the sport, Kapil Dev, is a legend in Indian cricket. As the sport becomes more fast-paced, since the arrival of T20 cricket, the dynamics of the game have changed. It isn’t just the three formats in international cricket that the players have to deal with these days … Read more

Don’t play in IPL If you feel pressure: Kapil Dev’s blunt response on how to deal with pressure in cricket

Former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev came up with a blunt response when asked about how players should deal with the extensive pressure in modern-day cricket. The 1983 World Cup-winning captain said those who feel too much pressure when playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) should not play in the competition. The legendary … Read more

There is pressure in IPL so why are you playing… Kapil Dev’s statement created a ruckus

New Delhi: In this era of continuous cricket, the problem of workload has become common. Cricketers are also given rest from time to time to manage the workload but there is a lot of hue and cry due to their injuries before the big tournament. Former India captain Kapil Dev has also given a shocking … Read more

How Worried Are Ethereum Devs About Safety at Devcon Bogotá?

Cadres of crypto developers began trickling into Bogotá, Colombia, on Monday in anticipation of Devcon, the Ethereum Foundation’s marquee global conference, which is set to kick off next week in the South American nation’s capital city.  But according to reports, some of crypto’s leading digital builders may already be second-guessing those travel plans. Twitter buzzed … Read more

MS Dhoni Shows Off His Golf Skills In Kapil Dev’s Tournament. Watch

MS Dhoni playing golf.© Instagram MS Dhoni tried his hands at the game of golf on Friday. The former India captain was invited by legendary cricketer Kapil Dev on the latter’s golf tournament – ‘Kapil Dev – Grant Thornton Invitational 2022’. The event shared a video on social media in which Dhoni could be seen … Read more

‘Overwatch 2’ Devs Explain Why Players Need To Link Phone Numbers To Accounts

Overwatch 2 is just days away, but you might have to ditch your alt accounts. Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard has revealed a ton more details about what it’s doing to tackle the issue of smurfs and toxic players in Overwatch 2 while giving new players a smooth onramp to the game. In general, I think the … Read more

Crypto gaming sucks — but devs can fix it

What we have today in terms of Web3 gaming is not working. Play-to-earn has not worked and neither will play-to-earn or any X-to/and-earn. On top of that, traditional gamers view nonfungible tokens (NFTs) with suspicion. They dunk on expensive apes and are skeptical of large game publishers applying the lipstick of NFTs for further monetization. … Read more