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Climate change could cause ‘economic devastation’ in Africa, report warns

African countries could face an average 20 per cent hit to their expected GDP by 2050, according to a study published by Christian Aid. While global leaders are meeting in Egypt to discuss ways of tackling the climate crisis, a new study has shed light on the devastating economic impact rising global temperatures could inflict … Read more

African countries face ‘economic devastation’ from climate hit to GDP

A frican countries face “economic devastation” from climate change, an aid agency has warned as it reveals the scale of the hit from rising temperatures on the continent. A study published by Christian Aid warns under current climate policies, which put the world on track for 2.7C of global warming by the end of the … Read more

“It was just heartbreaking”: Scotty Creek team still tallying losses from wildfire devastation

William Alger was one of the first people to see the devastation at Scotty Creek firsthand. “It was just heartbreaking,” says Alger, the project’s lead guardian, who has worked with the team since early 2020. He was on the scene immediately after a naturally-caused wildfire tore through the camp and destroyed five of its nine … Read more