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Starfield’s Quest Designer Reveals Player Decisions Will Determine Which Characters Live And Die

As one of the highly anticipated titles of 2023, fans do want to know more about Starfield, and the developers are well aware of it, which is the reason behind a new Starfield Q&A video that answers some community questions about quests. The lead quest designer behind Starfield Will Shen sat down with the community … Read more

Driving fitness, not age, could determine when to hand over the keys | News

When’s the right time for an older adult to stop driving? “It’s not age per se that matters — it’s how well you can handle driving,” says Marvin Kohn, California coordinator for the AARP’s extensive driver-safety program designed for older adults. Vision, hearing and reaction time often decline with age. Because of this, instructors in … Read more

Recruitments go online: Is technology insufficient to determine candidate malpractice?

To get a job, candidates often tend to lie to project themselves as the best suitable person for the position they are applying for. Not only this, many of the candidates also try malpractices – like giving away bribes, cheating at examination hall, impersonating, etc – to get a lucrative job, especially a government job. … Read more

Global health researchers use human movement patterns to determine risk of malaria spreading during certain times of day

Newswise — The spread of malaria is dependent on Anopheles mosquitoes that spread the disease, and it persists in places where these types of mosquitoes exist and where there are enough people to keep the parasite thriving in humans. Human movement between locations can lead to the movement of malaria parasites across long distances, and … Read more

Jharkhand Assembly Passes Bill to Use 1932 Land Records to Determine Domicile Status

New Delhi: A bill that proposes to use 1932 land records to determine people’s domicile status and another that raises the total reservation offered to various categories to 77% were passed in the Jharkhand assembly on Friday, November 11. The bills were passed amid the Enforcement Directorate’s summons to Chief Minister Hemant Soren in an … Read more

The week ahead will determine who’s in charge

A big week on the national and local political stage could give some answers to the big question: Who’s in charge?, by Greg Hinz and Justin Laurence Photo: Bloomberg After months of preliminary bluster, this week Chicago, the state of Illinois and the rest of the nation will finally get at least some answers to that ultimate … Read more

These midterm races could determine who wins the House, Senate in 2022

The Washington Post dissects the most important races to determine control of the Senate, House and governorships on Tuesday November 5, 2022 at 4:35 p.m. EDT Clark County poll workers work quickly to usher in the long lines of voters on the last day of early voting at the Galleria Sunset Mall in Las Vegas … Read more

Arizona has several competitive House races, while Senate race could determine which party gains majority

Control of the U.S. Senate and House could go directly through Arizona as Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly tries to win a full term after nabbing the last two years of the late Sen. John McCain’s seat in 2018. He faces a rough challenge from Republican Blake Masters. Meanwhile, Republicans buoyed by redistricting are eying two, … Read more

The method may help clinicians determine which patients would likely benefit from aggressive treatment even at early stages of disease — ScienceDaily

Most deaths from melanoma — the most lethal form of skin cancer — occur in patients who were initially diagnosed with early-stage melanoma and then later experienced a recurrence that is typically not detected until it has spread or metastasized. A team led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) recently developed an artificial intelligence-based … Read more