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California reparations could end Democrats’ identity politics

Our neighbors to the west are about to embark on a giant political and socio-economic experiment to put money behind the movement that launched the 2020 summer of protest. California is one of a dozen states that now aim to address historic wrongs against African Americans through a massive transfer of wealth to Black communities. … Read more

Democrats ask consulting firms for information on retired military officers advising foreign governments

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-Calif.) sent letters to the leaders of five consulting firms on Wednesday asking for information on their companies’ work with foreign governments in response to a recent Washington Post investigation. The Post’s investigation found that more than 500 retired U.S. military personnel have taken jobs with foreign … Read more

Will Democrats also ignore VT health care crisis?

Democratic Party head Jim Dandeneau is certainly correct that “Vermonters care about being able to support themselves and their families,” yet he strangely omits our state’s health care nightmare from his list of “Vermonters’ agenda” items. We suffer from a growing doctor shortage and lengthy waits for an appointment. The state’s own survey indicates that … Read more

Newly empowered Democrats must prioritize talent development over business attraction ⋆ Michigan Advance

The last time Democrats controlled Michigan state government, personal computers were just beginning to enter American homes. Electric cars were a laboratory experiment. Bay City native Madonna, who will become Medicare eligible next year, had just released her first album. And the iPhone, which transformed how we communicate with each other, wouldn’t be introduced for … Read more

Four options for Democrats to avert another debt ceiling crisis

Everyone agrees the federal government should make good on its financial promises. It must pay its bills to ensure the well-being of our people — from fulfilling the promises of Social Security and Medicare to providing basic support for human needs like food, housing, health care and education. Ordinarily, the U.S. has no problem paying … Read more

Health Care — Democrats want FDA to ease access to abortion pills

Maybe the time has come for a Ticketmaster reckoning? Parent company Live Nation Entertainment is said to be facing a DOJ inquiry — one that predates the Taylor Swift debacle. Welcome to Overnight Health Care, where we’re following the latest moves on policy and news affecting your health. For The Hill, we’re Nathaniel Weixel and Joseph Choi. Sign up in … Read more

John Fetterman shows how Democrats can win back working-class Trump voters | Ben Davis

The midterm elections last Tuesday blew a hole in conventional political wisdom. The supposed law that the president’s party could never win a midterm. That partisanship was too entrenched for voters to split their tickets between parties at a high rate. That candidate quality and experience no longer mattered. That politics has been so nationalized … Read more

Political insiders explain what happened on election night, how Democrats avoided a ‘red wave’

The 2022 midterm elections — both in the House and the Senate — did not go as planned for several Republican candidates seeking office, leaving voters to question how some Democrats survived tough elections and avoided the “red wave” that many within the GOP had predicted. The Republican Party is favored to win a slim … Read more

Here’s What Democrats’ Senate Win Means For The Next Session Of Congress

Topline Democrats will remain in control of the Senate for the next two years, leaving intact their ability to approve President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees, but if Republicans win the House, a split Congress could create legislative gridlock for the rest of Biden’s tenure. Senate Democrats can continue approving President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees without … Read more