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Defeatist Tories are deluded to think they have any alternative to Truss

Tory MPs already contemplating ousting Liz Truss are convinced that they have nothing to lose. Labour’s crushing poll lead shows no sign of erosion. The Prime Minister’s personal approval rating is worse than that of Jeremy Corbyn at his nadir. Her dash for growth is turning into a knock-kneed stagger, hobbled by U-turns. A refusal … Read more

The Tory hostility to experts continues right to the bitter, deluded end

The Government is suffocating in the echo chamber it created for itself September 28, 2022 3:42 pm(Updated 4:25 pm) This is now a fully blown crisis. The Bank of England’s announcement today that it will buy long-dated UK government bonds in a bid to restore stability to the market is a massive intervention, of the … Read more