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Phygital Retail Convention (PRC) 2022 deliberates the rising discretionary spending trend – Indian Retail to Transform into Digital Commerce with 5G Network

Phygital Retail Convention deliberates the rising discretionary spending trend MUMBAI, 24th AUGUST, 2022 (GPN): India’s merchandise retail is set to undergo a paradigm shift in the next decade with the introduction of 5G network and rising per capita income of Indians in sync with the surging economy over the next decade, said Arvind Singhal, Chairman, … Read more

Biltmore Avenue bike lane decision in limbo as Asheville deliberates

ASHEVILLE – Bike lanes proposed for a short but busy stretch of Biltmore Avenue in downtown have hackles up as business owners fear detrimental impacts to traffic, curbside loading zones and the loss of a key southbound vehicular travel lane.  The 0.3-mile section of Biltmore Avenue stretches between Patton and Hilliard avenues and currently consists of … Read more