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What November’s Jobs Report And Tech Layoffs Mean For DEI

What November’s jobs report and tech layoffs mean For DEI. getty From Meta to Twitter to Amazon, layoffs have largely been centered in the tech sectors—which boomed during the pandemic to meet consumer demand—in an attempt to weather what many economists are saying is certain to be a recession. Other sectors have added jobs slightly, … Read more

Report Reveals Just How Much the DEI Complex Has Infiltrated Medical Education

Forty-four percent of medical schools have tenure and promotion policies that reward scholarship on “diversity, inclusion, and equity.” Seventy percent make students take a course on “diversity, inclusion, or cultural competence.” And 79 percent require that all hiring committees receive “unconscious bias” training or include “equity advisors”—people whose job it is to ensure diversity among … Read more

My Personal Thanks To SFOF For Their Commitment To DE&I

Glossary SFOF is the State Financial Officers Foundation whose “mission is to drive fiscally sound public policy, by partnering with key stakeholders, and educating Americans on the role of responsible financial management in a free market economy.” DE&I is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion where diversity refers to various traits that differentiate people and groups (e.g., … Read more

DEI hosting White Christmas, Small Business Saturday

EATON — Downtown Eaton Inc. is changing up its traditional White Christmas Celebration this year, merging the annual family event with Small Business Saturday for an afternoon of activities on Saturday, Nov. 26, to kick off the holiday season. White Christmas & Small Business Saturday activities will begin at 3 p.m. downtown. Vendors are invited … Read more

Banking and Finance Innovations That Give New Meaning to DEI

Financial accessibility is the cornerstone of a thriving economy, but it’s also necessary for a fair-minded society where more people have a chance to succeed. According to the World Bank, 24% of adults worldwide still do not have a bank account. In America, numerous individuals within underserved communities lack the financial resources many Americans take … Read more

Restaurants get a new tool for realizing the business payback of DEI

Photograph: Shutterstock The murder of George Floyd roused the nation into a frank assessment of how far the nation has yet to go in expunging racism and biases from American life. It was also the flashpoint that triggered considerable soul-searching and cries for guidance from leaders of restaurant chains, a largely white, male and mainstream … Read more

DEI Everyone: Are You Listening to Non-Native English Speaking Talent?

“DEI Means Everyone’s Voice Is Heard: Are You Listening to Your Non-Native English Speaking Automotive Talent?”: How does the DE&I conversation vary in different countries?  And what are ways that automotive companies can empower non-native English-speaking talent?’s Ron Hesse talks with Barbara Boldt, Principal with Boldt Global and an international coach, speaker, and trainer. Source link

DEI in patient education improves engagement, lowers costs

Incorporating diversity into channels and platforms like Emmi, Wolters Kluwer Health’s patient-facing personalized education tool leveraged by providers, payers and partners, is about empowering and encouraging patients to be part of their healthcare decision-making, said Evan Heigert, brand and creative director overseeing patient engagement across Wolters Kluwer Health. While diversity “always creates a richer story,” … Read more

Two-thirds of UK workers would look for new job if employer did not prioritise DEI, report finds

More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of UK workers would consider looking for a job elsewhere if they discovered their employer had an unfair gender pay gap or no diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy, research has shown. The ADP report, People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View, which polled 33,000 workers in 17 … Read more