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Unhappy New Year: CBO Forecasts Poor Economy, Soaring Deficits in 2023

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Nov. 29 released an analysis describing its “current view of the economy in 2023 and 2024 and the budgetary implications.” In short, everything looks bleaker than it did a little more than six months ago, when the CBO published its Budget and Economic Outlook report in May. In the May report, the … Read more

East Africa’s economic recovery falters on debt, fiscal deficits

By JAMES ANYANZWA The increasing risk of debt distress, widening fiscal and current deficits and limited economic diversification plans in the economies of East Africa, have combined to weaken prospects for growth this year. The African Development Bank forecasts the region’s GDP at four per cent this year, before recovering to 4.7 per cent in … Read more

Why deficits can spell danger for supply-side economics

The last time supply-side economics had such prominence in the news, Ronald Reagan was in the White House. The actor-turned-Republican-heavyweight was such a staunch believer that cutting taxes on the wealthy and deregulating business would stimulate growth, with the benefits trickling down to the wider population, that this economic theory also came to be known … Read more