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Seniors home health care crisis deepened by covid labor shortage

While more elderly seek home care to age in place, low-wage workers are finding easier jobs with equal or better pay in retail and restaurants September 25, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT Acey Hofflander, 85, shares sections of the daily newspaper with her husband, Tom, 88, in their Richfield, Minn., home on September 14. (Annabelle … Read more

EU a “political space to be defended, deepened, changed’ –

With the general snap elections of 25 September around the corner, EURACTIV Italy looks into the joint programme of Europa Verde and Sinistra Italiana and how it relates to the EU. Read the original article in Italian here. The 18-chapter-long joint programme, while rather thin on EU matters despite an entire section being dedicated to … Read more