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Only ‘exceptional’ Twitter employees can work from home. Here’s how Musks deems who’s eligible

Just over two weeks into his tenure at Twitter, Elon Musk is already shaking up the social media company’s corporate culture and office policies. One of his biggest changes last week was the announcement that Twitter employees would no longer be permitted to work remotely.  On Thursday, during Musk’s first official meeting directly addressing staff, … Read more

U.S. Steel puts forward contract proposal USW deems unacceptable: ‘Most of them worked from home’ | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines

U.S. Steel has put forward a contract proposal the United Steelworkers union has deemed unacceptable. The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker offered an 11% pay increase over the next four years, less than the 14% union steelworkers agreed to during the last round of contract talks in 2018. The inflation rate then was 2.44% as compared to 8.5% … Read more