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Go Inside Southern Charm’s Most Unexpected Fight Yet

All is not well in Charleston.  Southern Charm‘s Sept. 22 episode saw longtime friends Naomie Olindo and Venita Aspen get into what might be season eight’s most shocking fight yet. The source of said fight is less shocking, though: Craig Conover.  He and Naomie—who dated for three years, broke up in 2017 and had a short-lived reunion in … Read more

How Southern Charm’s Craig Really Felt About Naomie & Whitney

If any Southern Charm fans are still reeling from the news of Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith hooking up, just know that her ex Craig Conover is, too.  In fact, he thinks he was so shocked, his reaction might’ve seemed lackluster on the Aug. 18 episode. “You didn’t get to see it, but how I felt … Read more

Southern Charm’s Craig Reacts to Ex Naomie & Whitney’s Hookup

The cat’s out of the bag in Charleston.  Word of Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith‘s hookup spread throughout the Southern Charm cast on the Aug. 18 episode, and while nearly everyone was surprised, only one person was left upset.  “What the f–k?” Naomie’s ex, Craig Conover, responded once Austen Kroll spilled the beans. “God, that … Read more

Why Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green & Shep Rose Really Split

This former Southern Charm relationship really has turned sour.  Taylor Ann Green confirmed on the Aug. 12 episode of Watch What Happens Live that she and her former boyfriend of two years, Shep Rose, are indeed broken up; however, there’s more to the story than what’s been reported thus far.  The revelation came after host Andy Cohen … Read more