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‘Scrubs’ Showrunner: ‘Batgirl’ Cancelation Is Just Show Business

The TV producer went on to explain that the story of Batgirl, a nearly complete movie recently canceled by WarnerMedia executives, is one of a thousand expensive projects that have been shelved, canceled, or completely redone. “That’s what Donald was saying last week,” Braff said. “Donald last week was saying ‘Think about pilots. It may … Read more

First Kill Showrunner Reveals Netflix’s Reason for Cancelation

Felicia D. Henderson had high hopes for First Kill. The YA series had all the makings of a successful show, with a diverse cast and interesting story that would draw in teen viewers. But it seems Netflix subscribers weren’t interested in watching all eight episodes, which debuted on the platform in June.  “When I got the call to tell me they … Read more

Batgirl Leslie Grace Thanks Fans for Support After Cancelation

Batgirl Directors “Shocked” After Warner Bros. Shelves Movie Leslie Grace is reacting to the news of Batgirl‘s shelving with humility and gratitude. The actress, who was set to star as Barbara Gordon in the DC film for HBO Max, spoke out about the disappointing news Aug. 3. “Querida familia!” Grace wrote on Instagram. “On the heels … Read more