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Superman and Fantastic Four Star in the Amazing IMAX Slate 2025

This year is already off to a very good start in cinemas, but 2025 looks even bigger in more ways than one. After last year’s great success Oppenheimer And these years Dune: Part TwoIMAX has just revealed 14 titles in 2025 that will not only be released in IMAX, but also are shot specifically for the format.

The list so far looks like this:

  • Captain America: Brave New World – February 15, 2025
  • Untitled Ryan Coogler/Michael B. Jordan – March 7, 2025
  • Lightning – May 2, 2025
  • Flowervale Street – May 16, 2025
  • Mission: Impossible 8 – May 23, 2025
  • How to Train Your Dragon – June 13, 2025
  • Untitled Formula 1 – June 27, 2025
  • superman – July 11, 2025
  • The fantastic Four – July 25, 2025
  • mercy – August 15, 2025
  • The bride! – October 3, 2025
  • Tron: Ares – October 10, 2025
  • blade – November 7, 2025
  • Chinese New Year, title to be announced – January 29, 2025

Of course, since these films are all so far out, release dates are still subject to change and there will likely be more IMAX camera films in the coming months. (Besides, why not? Avatar 3 on this list? Did Cameron not use IMAX cameras? What about Gareth Edwards and Jurassic world?)

Well, to true film nerds: you all have a question right now. Since all of these films are “shot in IMAX,” will they just be released in the normal, larger 1.9:1 IMAX? Or will one of them be full frame, Christopher Nolan/Denis Villeneuve 1.43:1 IMAX? io9 reached out to IMAX for clarity and was told that most of these films are still in production and therefore could not confirm what each film will use or what format they will be released in. It’s just too early to be sure.

But let’s have some fun and guess anyway.

Since none of the Marvel films have ever reached version 1.43, you can probably cross them all off the list. The same goes for the other Disney film, Tron. Coogler/Jordan is rumored to be a historical vampire film, which sounds great, but may not be 1.43 IMAX great. Flowervale StreetRumor has it that it’s about dinosaurs and David Robert Mitchell is an exciting filmmaker, but I’m still thinking no. Mission: Impossible 8 is a real possibility as the format has been used in the franchise, and it’s rumored that this would be the end of the saga, so it would be a nice boost. I doubt How to train your dragon made easy It would be like it was a family film, but you never know. Joseph Kosinski and Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 film, with a reported budget of $300 million, seems to be the most obvious to use the 1.43 aspect ratio, closely followed by James Gunn’s Superman. If that were true, it would set an exciting precedent for the beginning of the DC Universe. compassion is an Amazon movie, so probably not that, and then there’s another one The bride!, which we’re obviously happy about, but seems more personal than epic. But that too is all just speculation.

Whatever the case may be, even if none of the films reach the full Nolan format, shooting for IMAX alone gives the screen a significant jump in size, not to mention the incredible sound. Of all the premium formats, it’s certainly my favorite and also one of the most profitable for studios.

Go to the Hollywood Reporter Learn more about these 2025 IMAX releases.

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