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Steve Carell Remembers Meeting Taylor Swift at the Beginning of Her Career

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Steve Carell is a fan of Taylor Swift since day one.

“Listen, I met – in short – Taylor Swift,” Carell, 61, said during the episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “At the beginning of my career and hers, I was of course much older, but we were both TRL at the same time. I met her rather briefly and even then I thought, ‘Boy… she seems special.'”

The Office The former alum noted that Swift, now 34, seemed “very sweet” and “very nice,” adding that he made “a really nice first impression” after they met.

“And then years later, obviously following her career, I remember – and she became a huge superstar – I saw a video of her, and it wasn’t a big viral thing,” Carell continued. “It was just something I found in the depths of the internet. And it was her in a hospital, playing acoustic guitar for a patient. A kid who was, you know, recovering from something.”

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Carell added that “there wasn’t a big crew” with Swift to capture her moment of hospitality. “It was like a really low-key, hand-held [camera] something she just did in secret,” he said.

Steve Carell remembers meeting Taylor Swift at the beginning of her career

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Carell still remembers the clip years later. “And I thought, ‘This is so cool,'” he recalls. “And she didn’t make it public. She just participated from the heart. I thought, ‘OK, I’m a fan.'”

If host Jimmy Fallon When he then told Carell that he seemed like “a really nice person too,” the actor teased, “No, no, no. No, not on Taylor Swift’s level.”

Although Swift had humble beginnings as an aspiring artist, she has now become one of the biggest artists in the world, having won 14 Grammy Awards, 23 MTV Video Music Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, 39 Billboard Music Awards and 40 American Music Awards.

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Before she released her 11th studio album, The “Tortured Poets” sectionIn April, Swift took the The Epoch Tourwhich initially started in the USA in March 2023 and will end in December. It has become the highest-grossing concert tour of all time and has MichaelJackson And Elvis Presley.

Steve Carell remembers meeting Taylor Swift at the beginning of her career

Taylor Swift Pedro Gomes/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Carell, on the other hand, has made a wide range of decisions throughout his film career, from the animated Despicable Me Franchise to emotional film Welcome to Marwen. The actor who played Michael Scott in The office from 2005 to 2013, recently disappointed his fans when it was announced that he would not return for the upcoming spin-off.

“I will watch, but I will not show up,” Carell said The Hollywood Reporter last month. “It’s just something new and there’s really no reason why my character would appear in something like that. But I’m excited, it sounds like a great idea.”

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