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Stephanie from Deal or No Deal Island Weighs in on the Rob Feud in Boston

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell I “never” imagined her Deal or No Deal Island Adventure would involve a feud Survivors Legend Boston Rob Mariano.

“I have an idea of ​​how Rob plays. I know who he is and it’s really hard to separate it because that’s the reality of competition [TV.] He wins by doing what he does,” Mitchell, 41, said exclusively Us weekly on Tuesday, May 14, following the Deal or No Deal Island Season finale. “When I saw him I thought: There’s no way that’s Rob. I think this is real.”

Mitchell, who is a competitive reality superfan, shared that she immediately recognized Mariano, 48, as his Survivors Season, Salvation Island, is one of her favorite films. The midwife joked that when she saw Mariano enter the island, she knew the competition was the real deal.

“I was like the Godfather, Rob dad is here, I’m safe,” she teased. “And so I knew everything was going to be okay, but I also knew that I had to be on high alert.”

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And in the premiere episode, Mitchell was immediately wary of Mariano at the first challenge. The group was tasked with recovering the cult object Deal or no deal Cases with different amounts. As he waded through the water, Mariano turned to Martin to strategize.

Stephanie Mitchell never thought she'd be feuding with Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island

Rob Mariano and Stephanie Mitchell on Deal or No Deal Island. Monty Brinton/NBC

“Rob immediately starts the Rob shenanigans: ‘How much in your case?’ And everything mine [alarm] The bells are ringing because I understand [this] strategic nature of the gameplay and how he surrounds himself with a team of vulnerable people to move forward,” she recalled Us. “I was shocked that I now found myself in a situation where I had to face, in my opinion, one of the greatest competitive reality gamers of our time.”

From their first interaction, Mitchell wasn’t afraid to strike back in the game against Mariano. The two had heated arguments over the course of the season. Mitchell tried to recruit Mariano’s No. 1 ally Aron Barbell to turn against him, leading to a heated exchange between Mitchell and Mariano in the Banker’s Temple.

Stephanie Mitchell never thought she'd be feuding with Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island

Amy McCoy, Stephanie Mitchell, Rob Mariano and Nicholas Grasso on Deal or No Deal Island. Monty Brinton/NBC

While Mitchell was a fan of seeing Mariano on screen, she admitted that she knew she and Mariano would never see eye-to-eye in the game due to their different personalities.

“I knew that because of who I am, not weak, not malleable, not manipulable, it would never work between us,” she said Us. “It would never work.”

Since leaving Banker Island, Mitchell shared that she has put her in-game tension with Mariano behind her.

“We definitely have to separate our game from real life, from people, from what you’re like when you’re fighting to change the lives of yourself and your family by millions and millions of dollars,” she said. “These types of awards are unprecedented and unprecedented in any modern program. You will play to your strengths as best as possible. My strengths are knowledge of competitive reality, strategy and gaming. And that’s what I agreed to. I’m not sad about it, it’s just what I happen to know.”

Season 1 of Deal or No Deal Island can be streamed on Peacock.

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