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Spare thought for children on World Mental Health Day

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Dear Editor
This World Mental Health day, spare a thought for families struggling to care for a seriously sick child.

We often hear comments such as ‘I feel totally isolated’, ‘life has been turned upside down’ and ‘I have no idea how to control things’ from the families we support.

Thanks to the rising cost of living, coping with a seriously ill or life threatened child has become even harder. Many are still struggling to cope with COVID which remains a threat to a sick and vulnerable child.

In the latest survey of families supported by Rainbow Trust over 73% of parents with a seriously ill child said their mental wellbeing has been negatively affected since the start of 2020.

Now the additional impact of the cost of living increase on families with a sick child means that some do not know how they will pay the bills, cover the cost of running life-preserving equipment at home and travelling to important medical appointments.

One struggling family told us they are having to choose between reducing therapy for their child or basic food and living items.

At Rainbow Trust we understand the pressure this places on the wellbeing of parents caring for a sick child By pairing families with one of our expert Family Support Workers we can help to alleviate the immense pressure many families are under, providing practical and emotional support, whenever they need it, for as long as is needed.

With many families not able to rely on friends or family, the impact of our Family Support Workers cannot be overstated

This World Mental Health Day we are asking for you to please consider donating £10 by visiting

to help fund an hour of emotional and practical support for a family struggling to cope.

Your sincerely

Zillah Bingley, Chief Executive
Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

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