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Solana Meme Coin “Sealana” Raises Over $1.2 Million in Crypto Presale – Next Slothana?

A new meme coin on Solana, Sealana, has raised over $1.2 million in its presale in the first few weeks of its launch.

Sealana is trying to emulate the success of Slothana, a meme coin that raised over $15 million in presales before launching on exchanges and reaching a market cap of over $100 million within days.

Is Sealana the next Slothana in the Solana meme coin sector?

Sealana is a new meme cryptocurrency based on the Solana network that aims to provide entertainment and a fun investment opportunity to the crypto community.

The project’s mascot is an overweight seal who is obsessed with the crypto market and abandons his healthy lifestyle to pursue meme coin riches. This humorous backstory and persona, inspired by the South Park character World of Warcraft Guy, is a key part of Sealana’s appeal.

The project offers users the opportunity to purchase SEAL tokens in exchange for various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, Tether and BNB. Marketing efforts will be crucial to see if Sealana can mirror Slothana’s success.

Even though Slothana is currently considered one of the best Solana meme coins, Sealana could be there if they undertake similar marketing efforts. This includes advertising on various crypto media, collaborating with influencers and more.

Sealana has done this as you can find their articles on CryptoPotato, CaptainAltcoin, Cryptonews, Cryptopolitan and many other websites while they also collaborate with many influencers.

The best meme coins you can buy right now

Jacob Bury, a YouTuber with nearly 40,000 subscribers, posted a video listing the best meme coins to buy right now and Sealana is on his list. Bury explained that the project is built around a fun, community-focused theme, with an emphasis on high-risk, high-reward investments.

Sealana hosts a “raging frat party” for its early adopters with the goal of building a vibrant and engaged community. With 3,772 followers social media The coin is creating a buzz in the Solana meme coin sector thanks to the high engagement in its posts.

He also mentioned Dogeverse, which is set to launch soon and promises a potential return of 2-10x. This multi-chain project is preparing for its first centralized exchange listings, increasing its appeal in the crypto community.

Another coin that Bury highlights is WienerAI, which combines elements of AI trading and meme culture. With 69% of the supply staked and offering features such as zero fees and seamless sausage swaps, this innovative coin is on the verge of launching on global exchanges, adding to its growing interest.


The increasing popularity of Solana meme coins like Sealana and Slothana shows the growing demand for fun, community-driven crypto projects. At this point, we all know what gains BONK or WIF made (both memes on Solana).

With Sealana raising over $1.2 million in presales, these meme coins are positioning themselves as some of the best to invest in right now.


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