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Sideshow Viewer Hit by Panicking Mustang Driver After Accident with Camaro | Car Scoops

Sideshow events like these are becoming a growing problem throughout the United States


from Brad Anderson

May 15, 2024 at 9:15 p.m

  • The viewer was trying to retrieve a smartphone when the Mustang driver sped away from the scene of the accident.
  • Commentators suspected he had broken his leg, but the video does not confirm the severity of the injuries.
  • More and more pedestrians at illegal side events across the country are being hit by out-of-control cars.

Another day, another wild scene at one of the endless illegal shows in the USA. The latest viral video shows a Chevrolet Camaro and a Ford Mustang in an awkward metal ballet that inevitably crash into each other. As if that wasn’t enough of a show, a young man also found himself under the tires as an unwilling participant.

Atlanta Muscle’s Instagram page, infamous for its collection of sideshow clips, added another gem. First, we see the driver of a black Camaro performing a burnout in the middle of a large intersection. Then, out of nowhere, an old Fox-bodied Mustang makes a dramatic entrance by crashing into the front of the Camaro. Just another day in sideshow paradise.

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It is unclear whether the driver of the Mustang was also participating in the side event or was simply attempting to drive through the intersection. Regardless, a man with glasses suddenly appears in the picture, takes the Camaro passenger’s hat and gives it back to him. The man then appears to run in front of the Mustang, gesticulating and visibly upset.

Moments later, the camera pans to the left just as the Mustang’s driver slams on the brakes – onlookers have spotted a phone lying directly in the Ford’s path. The man with the glasses dives to get the phone, but at that moment the driver of the Mustang accelerates.

Tragically, the Ford rams the man and, according to some reports, runs him over and breaks his leg. The footage shows the man standing up and limping away from the scene before the video ends.”

Adverse events such as these are a growing problem throughout the United States, and such incidents are not uncommon. A look at the Atlanta Muscle page shows several other shocking cases of spectators being hit by cars doing burnouts and donuts at these events.

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