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Short fiction on metaverse writter by NetX

This is a short fiction written by NetX

E is a large sealed-off intelligent machine, deactivated for almost 200 years. The characters are blurry. One can only recognize the “E” on it, which naturally becomes his name. With no documented record, nobody knows who he is or where he comes from. Some assume it comes from outer space; some believe a human from past times is frozen inside the machine; some comment it is an encrypted machine from the past era; some refer to it as an organism; some even think of it as the willpower passed down from that era.

No one knows the truth, not to mention his name. Just rumor has it that he is encapsulated with the splendid stories of an era. The reason today’s world is called the post-IT era also highly correlates with E. In his era, signs of an organism just emerge as IT reaches its climax. But this world has obviously evolved into a stronger version of an organism. We can say that this world we live in would not have existed in the first place without E.

Stories of that era are stored in E’s memory…

Ring… Ring… Ring… Wake up… Wake up… Wake up…

The vibrating alarm and birds singing outside the window usher in a fresh new day. In the scene, a man wakes up from his dream, turns off the alarm idly, and then sits up. He drags his heavy body towards the wardrobe and puts on a suit, antique in its retro khaki color, bringing people back to that era.

A black box, as high as a human, stands beside the wardrobe, looking unfitting for the room’s simplicity. The camera on the box rotates and the box opens itself as the man strides toward it. Apparently, the AI face recognition technology works in that era.

The man picks up one of the several sets of wearable devices from the box and puts it on. It can be easily inferred that these devices were used for human-computer interactions. Most of them look similar to the modern ones, except for some head wearables where the inherited wisdom of our ancestors can be easily traced.

One can hardly tell what these head wearables are for. They may be some visual tools, unique products of that era. As the man puts down the glasses of the device on his eyes, the scene is switched to his view. A quiet and insipid world suddenly gains much excitement.

Outdoor temperature shows up on the transparent window. The tan-colored wooden furniture transforms into silver-gray steel furniture. Shields and hammers appear on the white wall. A gentle but bright female voice from the device is greeting the man with “good morning, sir”.

The man says hi back while tidying up the house, “Good morning, Jarvis. Please brief me on today’s schedule.”

“Yes, sir. Today is sunny. The outdoor temperature is 73℉. In the morning, there is an experiment in the Ethanim lab. In the evening, you will be celebrating your wedding anniversary with your wife. The restaurant has already been booked.”

“The breakfast must be a feast then? Right, Jarvis?”

“Surely. Your favorite muffin with maple syrup is served, and your wife prepares the strawberry jam. But the jam has been given to Jim by your wife as you are getting up late.”

The man makes some strange sound putting on a ferocious face, “Damn it, Jim. He once again takes away my breakfast. That may be the reason I wouldn’t say I like dogs. Of course, I don’t hate my wife. She’s really a beauty. Right, Jarvis?”

“Yes, sir. Your wife is surely pretty.”

“How can I make the wrong choice? I really love her. But that’s not the point.”

The man pauses for a moment and mutters, “Did I do it right? It’s the same expression and tone as the ancient movie I watched last night. I am a genius.”

The female voice doesn’t make any response. Apparently, the robot is not entirely intelligent. The man says nothing more but tidies up the room and walks out.

To be continued…

The writer says…
This is a rhapsody for Metaverse. It will be unfolded in a flashback and will focus on a group of people living in 2422 who love digging into history and seeking truth. They are exploring a period of time that is mysterious to themselves as well as us, who are living at present. I try to present the story in a relaxing way but forgive me if there is any loose logic since it sometimes became as choppy as waters when I think about metaverse.

E’s story-I

| E’s story-II

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