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Sheba Microsystems Launches Sharp-7: the World’s First Autofocus Autofocus Camera

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Powered by Sheba’s revolutionary electrostatic micro-actuators, the Sharp-7 utilizes an automotive-grade 8-megapixel (MP) image sensor to produce unprecedentedly consistent, high-quality imaging across the entire temperature range of the automobile. The proprietary MEMS technology uniquely solves the camera industry’s long-standing thermal expansion challenges and unlocks the potential for ultra-high resolution image sensors in cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Enables new features critical to vehicle safety and autonomous driving, such as: B. high-precision object detection, digital zooming and more.

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TORONTO – Sheba Microsystems Inc., a leader in MEMS technologies, today announced the launch of Sharp-7, the world’s first autofocus autofocus camera. It is the first time that Sheba has offered an automotive-specific solution that includes a large, automotive-grade 8-megapixel (MP) sensor with a fully integrated MEMS driver.

Sharp-7 will be available for in-person demonstration for the first time at the 2024 AutoSens USA conference in Detroit, Michigan, May 21-23, 2024.

Powered by Sheba’s patented MEMS actuators, Sharp-7 produces unprecedentedly consistent, high-quality imaging across the full temperature range of vehicles and demonstrates the potential for using even higher resolution image sensors in cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Automotive cameras often face the challenge of maintaining image quality and focus stability during temperature fluctuations because the optics and camera parts are subject to thermal expansion. As the automotive sensor market continues to trend toward higher resolution sensors, this issue is becoming more apparent due to the smaller pixel size of the sensors. Smaller pixels require more precise alignment of optics to ensure light is accurately focused on each pixel, and any misalignment due to thermal expansion or contraction can result in blur or distortion – problematic for any camera and especially for automobiles due to the extended temperature range.

Sheba’s proprietary technology compensates for this thermal expansion by moving the lightweight sensor along the optical axis rather than moving the lenses. The weight of the image sensor is only 2-3% of the optical lens weight, making it easy to handle and enabling ultra-fast and precise autofocus performance even under temperature fluctuations. This novel approach unlocks the powerful benefits that high-resolution sensors can bring to automotive cameras, such as: B. high-precision object detection (pedestrians, animals and traffic signs) and digital zooming.

“Over the last two decades, we have all seen how high-resolution sensors have dramatically improved the cameras on our phones. A key enabler for such high-resolution imaging was the introduction of autofocus actuators,” said Dr. Faez Ba-Tis, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Sheba. “But the lack of reliable autofocus actuator technology that can be used in the automotive environment, coupled with the problem of thermal expansion, has been an obstacle for decades and has limited the use of high-resolution sensors in automotive cameras.” With the Sharp 7 camera, we didn’t just want to demonstrate , how Sheba’s MEMS technology solves thermal expansion and produces consistently high-quality images with existing 8MP sensors, but also how our technology paves the way for the introduction of even higher resolution image sensors, which will ultimately help everyone is safer on the road, especially with today’s advances in autonomous vehicle technology. Our cell phones shouldn’t have better cameras than our cars.”

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Sheba’s electrostatic actuators are ideal for solving the problem of thermal expansion because they are thermally stable and maintain constant performance regardless of temperature fluctuations from -40 to 150 degrees Celsius. They are also fast, precise, power efficient and small. Sheba’s MEMS technology has passed reliability tests including drop, thermal shock, temperature cycling, vibration, mechanical shock, drop and microdrop tests. In addition, it is extremely robust, which means that image sharpness is maintained even in the event of vibrations in the automotive environment.

Sharp 7 evaluation kits are available exclusively to OEMs and Tier 1 customers. To learn more about Sheba Microsystems, visit

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