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Sharmila Tagore Reveals Her Clever Act When Mansoor Asked Her to Go to the Kitchen Thrice a Day

Sharmila Tagore is a legendary actress and to this day manages to enchant many with her elegance and charm. She married the late Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi in 1968. The madly in love couple was blessed with three children: Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Pataudi and Soha Ali Khan. Together, Sharmila and Mansoor enjoyed marital bliss for more than four decades until the former cricketer left for his heavenly abode in 2011 at the age of 70.

Sharmila Tagore shares how she reacted when her husband Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi asked her to go to the kitchen three times a day

Sharmila keeps talking about her relationship with Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and reveals many unknown anecdotes from it. Now, during a Mother’s Day event for YFLO along with her granddaughter Sara Ali Khan, Sharmila recalled one such incident from her married life. She mentioned that her husband once asked her three times to go to the kitchen. However, she gave him a cheeky answer. Talking about it, she shared:

“My husband told me, ‘You should go to the kitchen at least three times a day.’ I said, “Tiger, that’s a very bad idea.” It would be very, very counterproductive if I went into the kitchen. I start asking, “Yeh nai hai, woh kaha hai.” Someone would resign. “It’s much better if I don’t go into the kitchen.”

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Furthermore, in the same conversation, Sharmila revealed that after listening to her, Mansoor started cooking himself. However, her clever act actually made him a good cook. She mentioned that Mansoor had started making delicious dishes then. So much so that once when she was in London, someone called her and raved highly about his recipe. Sharmila continued:

“In the end he gave up and started cooking for himself. That was so smart of me that he started doing such wonderful things. It made him so confident. He started calling people for recipes. He prepared a new dish, watched YouTube and asked friends for recipes. When I was in London someone called and said, ‘He gave us this fantastic meal.’ He did very well without me having to go into the kitchen.”


Sharmila once revealed why she never shared any of her wealth with her husband Mansoor Ali

Earlier, in an interaction with Anupam Gupta, Sharmila revealed that she has never shared any of her wealth with her husband Mansoor Ali. The veteran actress mentioned that all her purchases including houses, cars, jewelry or other material possessions were in her name. Talking about her husband, the actress mentioned that he had his own assets for which he made a will. Explaining the same, she pointed out that under Islamic law, a person can give away his wealth to non-heirs, but not to his own heirs. Therefore, Sharmila and her husband made separate wills to divide their assets among their three children.

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Sharmila Tagore received immense support from Mansoor Ali for her work after marriage

In another old interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sharmila spoke candidly about her husband Mansoor Ali’s unwavering support, who continued to support her at work even after marriage. The star recalled that it was a popular idea at the time that women who couldn’t even study forgot to pursue a career after getting married. Elaborating further, Sharmila said:

“I had a lot of support from my family, my husband, who always gave me space, always supported me in everything. I didn’t have to explain myself. So I had that kind of support. I am very blessed with this. My mother wasn’t allowed to go to a mixed university, she had to do her master’s degree privately. I’ve been asked, “How did your husband allow you to work after you got married?” Things change. We continue.”


What do you think of Sharmila’s smart move that helped Mansoor Ali learn to cook? Let us know!

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