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Shane Bilek Says “the Amazing Breed” Made Him and Juan “better Husbands.”

Juan Villa and Shane Bilek. Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

The Amazing Race Participants of the 36th season Shane Bilek And Juan Jose Villa Naranjo think the competition has made them better partners for their respective wives.

“It’s made us better husbands… because Juan and I are identical,” Shane shared exclusively Us weekly on Thursday, May 16, one day after the duo placed second on the CBS reality series.

“We are the same person,” he continued. “We know what will trigger the other person because we know what will trigger us. And even in some stressful moments, we talk in the hotel room after a stage and ask ourselves: “Man, does my wife have to put up with this?” “Oh man, maybe I should make some adjustments at home.” … God bless women. They’re being patient while everyone gets out.”

Juan and Shane have both become fathers since they met during Air Force flight school. Juan is father to three-year-old daughter Sophia, while Shane’s son Beckham is seven months old.

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“Now that we are fathers and husbands and have had the time to share each other’s wisdom and learn how we have evolved in that sense – as opposed to pilot training where we just talked about airplanes – it has given us mine “In my opinion, given the opportunity to really help each other deepen our friendship as family people,” Juan said.

Shane Bilek says 'The Amazing Breed' made him and Juan 'better husbands': 'God bless women'

Shane Bilek and Juan Villa. CBS

Although Juan and Shane’s children have not met yet, they have high hopes for their future bond.

“Hopefully we can have a wedding here in about 20 years,” Juan joked.

“They are a match made in heaven. They just don’t know,” Shane added.

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While Juan and Shane didn’t take home the $1 million grand prize Amazing race Final – Ricky Rotandi And Cesar Aldrete won after dominating all season – taking first place in one leg and winning $5,000 in the process. Shane told Us that the couple knew immediately that they wanted to use the money to take their wives with them on a nice trip.

“We were just doubting we would win a leg and then when they told us we had won money it had been transferred straight into a holiday account,” he said.

Shane Bilek says 'The Amazing Breed' made him and Juan 'better husbands': 'God bless women'

Shane Bilek and Juan Villa. CBS

Juan added that after the race he only spent a week at home with his family before being deployed for a month. “So as soon as I got back we headed to the beach,” he said.

The two often spoke about their families on the show, emphasizing that they competed for them.

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“Juan and I went into it knowing that every penny we won would go to our wives, and that’s no joke,” Shane said. “So when we won the five grand, it was immediately like – as you heard Juan talk about it – ‘Oh, we can take the women anywhere.’ And we talked about the women the whole time because they were the reason we were there.”

Although it was difficult being away from their families during the race, Juan and Shane would try again if they had the chance. And this time they didn’t accidentally go to another state on the final leg.

“Hopefully we can do that again because this time we’ll know a little more about the show and make some different decisions,” Shane said. “We would just be blessed with the opportunity to get it back and not go to New Jersey.”

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